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How to choose Best Screen Protectors for your Mobile

Smartphone companies upgraded their display quality as well as size year to year. From Corning glasses 1 – 6 the display became more durable. But as a safety precaution, we search for the  for our mobile and install them which will enhance more safety and prevent the display from getting a crack. But are you choosing the proper tempered glass for mobile?

Smartphone companies started to make really big as well as quality displays. In the era of 2012, The normal size of a smartphone was around 3.5 to 4.00 inches. But in 2020 the average size of smartphone display is around 5.5 inches to almost 6.5 inches. Trust me a device with 6.5 inches cannot be fully operated single-handedly. Some displays have Corning gorilla glass which protects your device from scratches and drops. The latest corning gorilla glass 6 is the toughest display to break till now. Although High-end mobiles such as Samsung S20, Asus ROG 3 have this type of display.

In the below guide I’ll share some key points that’ll help you to purchase the compatible screen protector for your device. If you’re new to this site you can follow Blogsbarrel by pressing the green bell icon.

Before beginning with the topic let’s check what are the types of screen protectors available

Types of Best Screen Protectors:-

  • Tempered glass – made up of silica and other chemical components.
  • POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) – Made with a recycled plastic bottle.
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – Made with A Mixture of Glass and Plastic
  • HYDROGEL Screen Protectors – A jelly made protector which is fully flexible.
  • Privacy scratch guard/glass – Made with plastic glass with a black blurry effect for side-viewing angles.
  • Matt screen protector – Made of plastic, good for gamers says Source.

Let’s elaborate it below

  • Tempered Glass – Around 70 % of users use Tempered glass as a protective guard for their mobile. The only disadvantage of this glass is that it can break easily if falls from a certain height. Some companies provide an extra layer of glass on it so that it remains durable even after falling from a certain height. The main benefit of this quality glass is that it will protect your screen and will let the tempered glass break if your device falls from a huge height. The chances of getting scratches in tempered glass are very low. Also, the tempered glass can be removed as many times as you don’t fit it properly. But remember not to apply full pressure while installing.

Installation process – A bit difficult coz a little bend and you get a crack on the glass, So you need to be careful.

polyethylene terephthalate screen protector

  • POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE (PET) – Made up of recycled plastic and is purely flexible as a plastic sheet than can be bend in any format. The same way it has a  glue backside and is meant for one-time use. Once the guard is applied it will stick properly not as tempered glass which can be removed multiple times and applied again. The disadvantage of this guard is that it won’t protect your display even with a small fall and Easily get scratches. Some mobile also has a glass finish at the backside, So many companies make PET glass for the protection of the back as well

Installation process – Easy, Check the screen size and apply it with little pressure.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane screen guard


  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – This guard is better than PET Because it uses both materials plastic and glass to form a screen protector. The protector is a little bendable so it won’t be cracked easily. Also in terms of Scratch protection, it won’t attract scratches if it gets normal dents with keys, coins, etc. Go for TPU guard rather than PET for durability.

Installation process – Easy, Check the screen size and apply it with little pressure.

Hydrogel screen protector


  • HYDROGEL Screen Protectors – This protector has a gel inside it and is one of the safest protectors for mobile devices in terms of Scratches. Installation is also easy is quite durable as it won’t shatter. Once your device falls there’s no guarantee that it will protect your display. As it’s a gel you can remove it easily and reapply it. Installing this screen guard is quite easy. Those who don’t want to change their mobile guards after a period can go for this. Coz this has more life than any other in terms of scratches.

Installation process – Easy, Check the screen size, and apply it.

Privacy screen guard

  • Privacy scratch guard – For those who don’t like someone peeping into their device, This guard is made for you. This guard has a black shadow effect applied in corners so that whenever someone tries to peep in, Won’t see much of it. Like PET and TPU, this guard is made up of plastic and is scratch-free for minor accidents. The surface of the guard is slippery rather than tempered glass. The guard is meant for one-time use only and cannot be reapplied if removed.

Installation process – Easy

  • Matt screen protector – This protector is purely made gamers as the touch sensitivity is extreme here rather than any screen protector mentioned above. Basically, It’s built with plastic material. Some matt screen protectors are flexible too. The only disadvantage of matt finish is that picture displaying won’t be clear enough, even a normal plastic screen protector would give a good display rather than Matt.

Installation process – Moderate

That was detailed info on all the types of Screen protector. You can purchase anyone as per your preference, But according to me, you should go for Tempered Glass, Because glass provides crystal clear clarity and more durability rather than other protectors. Even after choosing a protector do you know if it’s high in quality or not? , Read the detailed guide below on things to know before buying the Best screen protector for your device


How to buy a quality tempered glass/guard?

  • If you’re buying it offline make sure the screen size is exactly fit as your device. And if you’re buying it online, Check the images in photos uploaded by reviewers.
  • Suppose your camera has a water drop notch, So while purchasing a guard make sure that proper cuttings are available.
  • If screen glass doesn’t have proper edges or holes near the camera or ear speaker then you’ve got a fake one.
  • For devices with curved displays, Make sure your screen protector tries to cover as much area as possible.
  • A branded company will provide you a microfiber cloth, Rubbing accessories such as alcohol cloth, Dust Stickers to remove dust, and placement stickers. Make sure you read the description first and then buy if you’re going for online purchases.
  • Tempered glasses purchased online are nonreturnable, and there are chances that they might have provided you wrong or damaged glass. So for a safer side take a quick video of unboxing the tempered glass. At least you’ll have proof and you can even claim a refund on it.
  • The pricing of glasses totally depends upon your device, For device in the range of 20K will provide you a tempered glass max up to 300-450 Rs. Flagship devices such as S20, iPhone have higher prices around 600- 800 Rs.
  • One of the most important tip never buy a cheap tempered glass for around 50 – 100 Rs. Reason – The glue used in it can damage the display as well as it won’t stand a chance to protect your display.

That was all on How to Choose the Best Screen Protectors for your Mobile, If you liked the article Don’t forget to share.

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