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Kota factory season 2 release date in India, Wait is over

The first season of the Kota factory was one of the best series ever made for college students. In season 1 Kota factory mainly focused on the lifestyle of Kota, Friendship among all, and big curiosity to enter IIT. But in Kota Factory Season 2 we would see a lot more things. The real-life story of Kota is dark, lots of suicide have been committed there. Let’s check the expected story of season 2 as well as updated details on Kota Factory Season 2

  • As I’ve already mentioned, there were horrifying incidents in Kota. As many students who couldn’t handle their studies and the pressure of getting failed committed suicide. Many students enter KOTA to make their future bright, But only few succed.
Kota factory season 2
Images from season 1 Episode 5

Things to expect in Kota factory season 2 or we can say expected story of Kota factory season 2

In Kota factory season 2 we can expect some cases of suicide. Probably (Uday) — Just Guessing


  • Incomplete love story Vaibhav and Vartika.

Let’s all agree to a point that we really loved the chemistry between Vaibhav Pandey and Vartika Rataval. As in the first season, Vaibhav helps Vartika in studies as well as in revision too. Also getting more engaged Vaibhav also applies for the entrance tests to get into Maheshwari classes with Vartika, But as we know Vaibhav clears the test and Vartika doesn’t.

In the final episode of the Kota factory, we all expected a happy ending between Vaibhav and Vartika, But the story was left incomplete. I hope in 2nd season we will see much more about them.

  • Atmosphere Of Maheshwari classes.

In Season 1, a small glimpse of Maheshwari classes was shown at the start of the first episode. But in the whole season we learned, Maheshwari is the best institute, Maheshwari students have more chances to get selected in IIT rather than prodigy classes. Also, we heard this lines many times “Maheshwari me Aisa boht Kuch hai jo yaha nahi hai lekin yaha Aisa Kuch Bhi Nahi hai jo Maheshwari me nai hai

So we can really find out, Is Maheshwari really a good Institute? or just a hype created.


  • True friendship between Meena, Uday, and Vaibhav.

From the first episode till the last Uday and Meena(Bal Mukund Meena) has really helped Vaibhav in many ways from completing Jeetu Bhaiya’s test to following 21 days plan. Both played their role well. In the Last episode, Vaibhav leaves his friends and transfers to a new PG, Reunion between 3 of them would be amazing to see in the upcoming season of Kota Factory.


  • Guidance from Jeetu Bhaiya (IITIAN)
kota factory season 2
Images from season 1 Episode 5


Jeetu bhaiya played by (Jitendra Kumar) was loved by everyone in KOTA Factory season , Also Vaibhav learned many things from him (Of course the 21-day routine). So We could expect some get together’s of them in Kota factory Season 2.

  • Will Kota factory season 2 be presented by Unacademy again?

In season 1 we saw many references of Unacademy professors who were providing live lectures for solving doubts on JEE and many more. They also showed how the application helps students to clear their doubts and study quickly.

Season 1 was completely presented by Unacademy, So there are possible chances that Kota factory season 2 will also be present by Unacademy again.

On which platform Kota factory season 2 will be released?

As of now, we say the team of TVF released two major web series on Amazon prime which are Hostel Daze and Panchayat. But I don’t think they will do the same with season 2. Although this will only be cleared when the trailer comes in. But there are chances that they could tie with different streaming partners, So everyone can watch it easily.


Expected Cast from Season 2.

There will be some new cast, As season 2 is also based on Maheswari Institute, so We could see some of the Best TVF actors as professors, But the 5 main students will be there for sure. Amazing actors such as Sameer Saxena, the owner of Maheshwari classes, Naveen Kasturia, Saumya Masheshwari can be expected in Season 2.

Although this is just an assumption.

Did you know who created Kota Factory?
who created kota factory
Saurabh Khanna








Let me tell you a dialogue of him If you can guess: Bata Canteen Me samosaKitne ka milta hai..?

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