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Kota factory 2 | Official teaser | Release date 24 September confirms Netflix

Kota Factory 2 is arriving on 24 September 2021 confirms Netflix India.

A few hours ago Netflix India dropped a small 1.22 seconds teaser of India’s most popular web series Kota factory 2. The new season is fully connected to part 1 of the Kota factory released in the year 2019.

The cast and crew of the new season will be the same and more new characters will be introduced.

Let’s break down the teaser with some images and explanations towards it.

Do watch the teaser first so that you get no spoilers in the below text written.

Kota factory 2 teaser trailer:

Time for decoding the trailer:-

  • Jeetu Bhaiya leaves prodigy classes in Kota factory 2. 

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Shocking but true, As heard in the promo of TVF (The Viral Fever) Jeetu Bhaiya clearly says that he is leaving Prodigy and is forming his own educational classes. The promo is a continuation of the teaser where we can see the owner of Prodigy classes announcing the Jeetu Sir has left the classes. A big worry for (Uday and Meena).

  • IIT pressure faced by Vaibhav’s new friend in Maheshwari classes.

At the end of season 1, we can see a boy arriving in Vaibhav’s room asking him for Match Stick and was very nervous by entering Maheswari classes, Is the same guy in the second season where he argues with Vaibhav for dropping IIT and do something else.

Though his single dialogue gave goosebumps to the audience (Sawal late pucha to sawal galat ho jata hai kya?)

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Just a prediction:- 

Many suicides are committed in Kota where a student can’t handle the pressure of failing, As the Kota factory is purely based on the life of Kota Students. We can see some of suicide cases.

(Again just a prediction)

  • Jeetu Bhaiya Motivating Students by consulting some of the Students in his own academy.

In the first season, we can’t forget how Jeetu Bhaiya changed Vaibhav’s life by providing him the 21-day formula to focus on studies and avoid unwanted things. Same in this clip we can say Jeetu Bhaiya narrating a dialogue to his Students:-

Sapne dekhoge to tut hi jaaenge, Aim bolna shuru karo — Sapne Dekhe jate hai — Aim achieve kiye jaate hai.


  • Vaibhav Finally meets her best friend Vartika Rataval. 

Kota factory 2 images

The ending of season 1 was very sad as Vaibhav couldn’t express his feelings for Vartika and viceversa. We could probably expect some more chemistry between them. And the last important part is whether they both can clear IIT or not will be a suspense till 24th September 2021.

  • Gettogether of the three brothers.

Gettogether of Vaibhav meena and uday in kota factory 2

Gettogether of these 3 will be an emotional as well as a happy moment for all the fans, Like Vartika even Meena wants to clear IIT so that the friendship goes on. Speaking about Uday’s role – He is a captain of Bihar tigers now in the series we didn’t know much about Bihar Tigers so in coming episodes, we might see a glimpse of that too.


  • Jeetu Bhaiya tensed on his own party:-

kota factory 2 jeetu bhaiya



In 0.57 seconds of the teaser trailer, We can see Jeetu Bhaiya is not comfortable and is thinking about a horrific event, Now there might be many scenarios but the image clearly shows Uday, Vaibhav enjoying a party as Jeetu sir is opening his own education academy.


  • Last but not least  – Vaibhav, his new friend, and probably Meena at left are the official Student of Maheshwari classes and vowing a pledge to obey and study.

That was all for the Kota factory 2 teaser trailer, The official trailer can arrive 1 week before 24th September 2021.

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