What is Agneepath Scheme

Agneepath Scheme launched in India | A step towards strong defense and Employment?

14th June 2022, The defense minister of India Rajnath Singh and the cabinet ministry of India announced Agneepath Scheme for soldier recruitment. The scheme will strategically improve the military defense as well as generate employment for India.

What is Agneepath Scheme?

Agneepath Scheme also called as Agniveer Scheme is a newly launched Military recruitment service which ensures to make Indian Army modern and well equipped. The youth joining under this scheme will be called as Agniveers. Agniveers will also be provided opportunity to serve Indian Army. This scheme will not only increase the defense of Indian army But will also improve the employment for India. This scheme is specially designed for youths who are fit, and can adapt new technologies with current pace to serve Indian army. Enrollment age for this scheme is 17 to 21 years.

What are Key points of Agneepath Scheme?

  • Agniveers will serve 4 years under this Scheme with Soldiers.
  • They’ll also get an opportunity to apply voluntarily for regular CADA (Command Area Development Program). 
  • Based on merit and organizational requirement, up to 25 % will be selected to server further.
  • Recruitment will be open to men and in some scenarios for women.
  • Both men and women must complete their 1oth and 12th.
  • After serving the term they’ll get Agniveer certificate which will help them to get a job in particular field.
  • Three types of recruitment schemes are available in this scheme. Regular, Contractual and Conscript.

What will be the Salary package and death gratuity in Agneepath Scheme?

The ministry of defense and ministry of finance created a special package called as SEVANIDHI.

The Agniveer will get 4.76 lakhs a year it will keep compounding each year and by end of his 4th year he’ll be compensated with 6.92 lakhs a year and above that he’ll get all the benefits that our soldiers get. The entire amount is income-tax exempt.

In any of the scenario where a Agniveer is deceased he’ll get 1 crore Rs and if he gets disabled, he’ll get full part of unserved portion and SEVANIDHI package as on Date with Interest.

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