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Top 10 Affordable kitchen accessories that a chef uses

Do you love cooking? If yes then this article is definitely made for you. As far as cooking is concern you need to have perfect kitchen accessories that will help you to cook delicious food. Below in this article I’ve provided some of the basic but mostly used kitchen accessories by a professional cook.

Note: The blog will contain detailed info about the uses of products and price, If you’re planning to buy a product do click on image itself it will take you to official website. Also all the links are affiliated links (If you purchase some things I’ll earn some % of commission) All the products uploaded kitchen accessories will be recommended on my study and research. So if you think to purchase any of them do check the reviews first.

So let’s get started.

Kitchen accessories is a vast topic so I’ve divided it into parts:

  • Chopping Accessories
  • Cookware
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Compact storage

A. Chopping tools forCooking in Kitchen Accessories:

  • Chopping board
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Knives
  • Finger protector


1. Chopping Board: Chopping board are made from various types of material like Wood, bamboo, Plastic, Silicone, Glass, Steel etc. On an average many professionals use wooden chopping board. Due to it’s durability, weight, Grip etc. A good quality wooden board would last around 10 years (If maintained properly)

TIP: If you use wooden board for cutting vegetables which releases excess water like tomato, I recommend you clean its instantly. Do not let the water stay on wood for too long.

Check the Wooden board below purely made up of original bamboo which makes it highly durable, It’s priced around 800 Rs you can click on the image for more details.

HOKIPO® Large & Thick Bamboo Chopping Board

2. Vegetable peeler: Vegetable peeler are made in two shapes one that needs to be hold as vertically and the other horizontally. Previously the vegetable peeler was used to just remove the skin. But now you can also slice vegetables up to some extent. Mostly users prefer vertical shape peeler rather than horizontal. Vertical skin peeler are way to quick, easy and comfortable.

Check the amazing product below by clicking on it:

Vegetable peeler

3. Knives : One of the best chef in world said It’s highly dangerous working with a blunt knife while cooking. Chef knife is a must for kitchen accessories. Now if you cut the vegetables in a normal way then you shouldn’t bother but if you cut veggies in a tap, rock or cross way then a chef knife is recommended. You can check the below video and learn how to chop veggies in 3 ways with chef knife.

I too learned chopping veggies from here.


There are lot’s of chef knife available from around 500-50000 Rs. It depends upon quality, More the price, more it’s durable. The giant company amazon has it’s own brand named solimo. Also Remember every knife get dull after a long use, So it’s better to get a knife sharpener , Whenever you use a chef knife, It’s better you sharp a knife first.


Solimo has great quality knives You can check them below by clicking on image it’s priced at 1100 Rs.

solimo knife amazon


4. Finger protector: As in the above video Chef Jaime said it’s important to keep fingers away from knife. So for those who are learning how to chop vegetables properly with chef knife finger protector is necessary for you.

Trust me ! I too have a practice of chopping food but sometime even i get a small cut

Finger protector will prevent your finger while cutting process in above mention types of chopping. Afterwards if you master this technique it’s of no use.

Finger protector amazon

B. Cookware for kitchen Accessories:

  • Pans with it’s types
  • Wok’s

Types of Pan: There are en number of pan’s made world wide, Fry pan, Nonstick pan, saute pan, Aluminum pan, Cast Iron Skillet etc.

  • Saute pan: Used to cook food while moving it with the pan, Saute pans have similar work compared to fry pan, But saute pan has a lid to cover. Mainly saute pans are made in Stainless Steel.
  • Fry pan: Often used for fast cooking, They don’t have a lid, Flames is mostly high while cooking in a fry pan
  • Non Stick pan: Nowadays nonstick pans are used a lot, because of it’s various advantages, Prevents sticking, consumes less oil, easy to handle. Disadvantage: A weird smell comes when the pan is on heat, It may be the coating causing the smell.

These 3 types of pans are heavily used for cooking. Personally speaking I prefer Saute pan, As cooking is quick, But saute pan needs continuous stir else the food will stick.

TIP: Use Branded pan’s rather than cheap as it’s not durable and will also burn or spoil your food.

Check the 3 of them below:

  • Purchase NON Stick pan which is priced at 1919 Rs click the image below

Prestige non stick cooking set amazon


  • Purchase Fry Pan made with stainless steel priced at 999Rs

Prestige fry pan stainless steel amazon


Purchase Saute pan with Lid made up with stainless steel priced at 1935 Rs

Saute pan amazon


Wok’s or we may call it as Chinese Wok: Wok’s are best while cooking, Like saute pan, the Wok is used for quick cooking, Structure of Wok is in round cylindrical shape rather than a flat circle.


The Wok is made of Iron, As well as carbon steel. Mostly chefs use only Wok for cooking food, as They have many orders as well as less time. In India, Mostly every Chinese corners prefer iron wok, but in some hotels they prefer carbon steel wok as well. The wok’s are of two types with handle and without.

Wok’s takes less time to heat rather than a nonstick pan, So it’s better to continuously stir your food.

If you buy a Also wok needs to be seasoned before cooking, You can check below video of how to season a wok,

TIP: You should buy a wok with wooden handle as it would be easy to use. Also while purchasing a wok, you need to check the size of WOK, If you’re thinking to use a wok for 3 people at a time A 13 inch wok is sufficient. Else you can buy a little bit more bigger This wok is really cheap and best in quality it’s priced at 590 Rs.

Chinese wok amazon

There are various utensils through which cooking is done, But in my personal experience a saute pan and a wok is enough to cook anything. Also if there are more people always consider a aluminum kadhai. For mixing, or for a toss, always have a stainless steel cooking spoon. If you use nonstick pan, Consider a good quality wooden spoon.


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