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How to Buy a domain name with terrific Hosting server – 2020

Did you know, You can increase almost a million views if you choose a proper domain name and a speedy hosting server that can also reduce the loading time of your website. Learn how to buy a domain name and a hosting server that will make money for you. 

So this blog will perfectly guide you how to buy a domain name and a hosting server for your website.

Steps on how to buy a domain name and hosting server

  • First thing we need to decide a proper domain name format for your suitable website.

It can be anything which is suitable for you for ex if you want to your domain as earn money online your domain will appear like So for purchasing this domain you need to search various domain provider websites and select your term plan. It can be up to you, you can select the term plan for up to 5 years or 1 depends upon you.


  • Do note every domain provider has its own price you won’t get same price, Some provider may offer it cheap for long duration. Sometimes it may happen that you won’t get the preferred name or it may be taken, so for this you must change from .com to in or to .net or probably you can contact the owner who owns the domain and if he is ready to sale you can go for that process , Still confused from where to purchase a domain name?  try google domain name search which can offer you some services. Below i’ve provided some examples which may help you to purchase a domain and buy hosting server.
  • Here are some of the Domain provider which are well reputed according to me
  • Go-daddy
  • Big domain names
  • Name cheap
  • Blue host etc.

Here I am showing you an example from which would help you to learn how to buy a domain name.


  1. Visit the website
  2. Login with your email and proceed further.
  3. Now in its official page there will be some options regarding your purchase for example purchase a domain name with  .com, .net etc. All price will be different.

(Note: There are lots of big rock coupons available  to apply for discount on your purchase)

  1. Select your domain name and enter your desired website name and proceed.
  2. Select choose domain and proceed further.

  3.That’s it you will be redirected to the payment and do check again with proper name and make your payment complete. 4.Note: You can also add coupon code to get some discount for your domain purchase. 5.And that’s it your domain purchase is success full and you will get all the instruction in your mail id. Details regarding your control panel will be provided in the mail itself.

All right so as our domain is successfully active now let’s go for our Hosting process.

What is Hosting server : A simple meaning for hosting is to store a data in its server. For example the content you are going to feed on the website will be saved on your hosting servers.


Let’s Begin the process of purchasing the hosting. Here i’ll use an example for godaddy. Visit the official website of go daddy which is

  1. Select Hosting and look for suitable hosting if you want. Here I’ve selected Web Hosting and then proceed further.

After selecting your suitable plan you will be redirected to the payment options and there will be a lots of services which will offer you to purchase a domain name with hosting server. For example a SSL- Secured Server layer, Domain privacy protection etc. So select the service you want or skip and proceed to purchase your hosting server.

Note: Having a ssl certificate (Secured server layer ) can help your customers or viewers to trust that this website is safe and trusted. Also google prefers secured site, compared to unsecured sites. There are some companies who provide free ssl while purchasing a domain name or hosting server. (According to me Big rock, namecheap provides free ssl, then too you can search for other companies as well. )

  1. Once you purchased you will get all the details in your mail id with your bill receipt and also you will get your c panel – Control panel login credentials which will further help you to connect your hosting to the domain you purchased.
  2. So This is it you’ve successfully purchased your domain and your hosting.
  3. Now to configure your hosting you just need to call the hosting provider customer care, He will guide you for the further process.
These were all steps on how to buy a domain name and a hosting server

Note: The whole information on the blog is provided on my experience, and all the names of companies are been used as  an example and not for promotion.  Credits for images goes to the official owner, BlogsBarrel doesn’t claim any rights for the images uploaded.

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