How to recover deleted files and keep it safe 2020

Whenever we say data, A data consist of many things such as images, videos, text files, word files, apk files and many more. This files are very necessary and imagine if you by mistakenly delete this data. So in this article I’ll help you on how to recover deleted files from your system.

Recovering deleted files from system must be performed properly also, do remember whenever performing this process make sure you’re Computer doesn’t shut down.

To understand the whole process I’ve divided this article in points and i would also share my experience on this article.

Note: The application to perform this process must be compatible for you OS.

Steps on how to recover deleted files

Things to know:

  • Which application is used to recover deleted files and how
  • What type of files are you recovering ?
  • When it was deleted ?
  • My experience on How to recover deleted files
  • A tip you should consider
  • Conclusion

So let’s get started:

Which application is used to recover deleted files and how ?


There are many applications available in market which are used to recover deleted files from system. Some examples are

  • DM Disk and Data recover Software
  • Prosoft data Rescue 5
  •  MiniTool Partition Recovery
  • *Stellar recovery*
  • Disk Drill

I’ve probably used Stellar recovery and trust me it’s awesome. Stellar data recovery scans the whole folder or drive you may and accordingly shows the list of files deleted. Although it’s a paid tool. Stellar charges around 5K per year for data recovery process.  If we count more deeply it’s 14 Rs per day for whole year.

Also Stellar has more features rather than data recovery which are – Repair corrupt files such as videos, photos, And to perform Raid Recovery.

How does Stellar paid version works ?

  • We need to download stellar from here.
  • Once download run the setup file and install it.
  • After installation open the app and check the files you want to restore.


  • Click next and then select your drive, where files were deleted.
  • Once selected the drive wait for the application to scan all files.
  • Once scanned it will show you all the files that are ready to be recover
  • Check the image below, For a purpose I’ve removed a file name order DCIM and now I’ll click on it and select recover.

how to recover deleted files stellar

I’ve an experience with through stellar which I’ll provide at the end of the post.

So this is how data recovery is done.

What type of files are you recovering ?

Now we understood the recovery process, now read more on type of files you’re recovering. As mentioned above there are en number of files in our system. There’s a good news stellar recovers almost every types of file mentioned.

Recovering photo, videos, mp3 are basic files.

Also if you’re any files are corrupt the application will also do that. For that you need to purchase a premium plan which would cost around 15500 Rs  a year.  The recover time depends upon your file size and it’s type. If You have around 50 GB it would take more time depending upon your machine.


When files were deleted ?

The time duration plays a important role while recovering deleted files. If it’s one day or two it’s much OK . But if you’re recovering a file that has been deleted before a year, It would be hard and time consuming to recover such types of file.

The way of deletion: –

  • Formatted files
  • Manually deleted files

I don’t know if this statement is relevant or not, but i think that when a system is formatted it’s hard to recover files rather than a old system. As the whole method works on scanning. So suppose you delete a file manually and in same scenario when you format a system and again install Stellar, I think it won’t scan the formatted files and will show no files to be recovered.

Now we could think this as a cache or a temp file which is been created when a new file is been stored.

After formatting a drive all files are disappeared.

As for the above paragraph I’m not sure whether this is true.  As it’s a data recover process it should also recover the files which were formatted.

My experience how to recover deleted files through Stellar application.

I’ve a windows operating system and 3 partitions are created on my system: C, D, E. I like save some movies which i can watch anytime. Once while formatting Windows, By mistakenly i formatted my E drive. : – {

  • The E drive had all my films and my dad’s office documents.
  • The drive had a storage of almost 251 GB in which 150 GB was full of movies. Also in same drive my dad had his own personal excel files which were important.
  • So i had a chat with my Engineer who assembled my PC and I heard something about Stellar company from him.
  • Afterwards tried searching for Stellar on Google and found many things regarding company. As stellar was a paid application then it was not possible for me to get the application. Afterwards I tried searching for free Stellar application. There were many results so i Downloaded a version which was cracked. I installed it and followed the above steps mentioned.
  • The application took almost One and half hour to scan files. And luckily the movies folder and my dad files were present. So I selected the two folder and click recover.
  • Here’s the worst part: It took 10-12 hours for my system to recover all the files, Both the folders were successfully recovered.


After getting both the folders, I checked playing all the movies, 80 % of movies were proper and 20 % of movies were corrupt. But with my dad’s folder, All the files were corrupt. There was no chance to recover or repair corrupt files.

This was the scenario, Here I’m not blaming Stellar, as the application I used was not authentic and I couldn’t expect more on this. Yes it worked for me till a certain limit, but not fully.


A important tip to consider on How to recover deleted files: No matter if you’ve a 1 TB (Terra byte – 1024 GB ) storage or a SSD(Solid State Drives) of 256 GB. Make sure to keep it clean, Use it with a proper source of energy (Meaning Check you power supply). And when the storage operates at low speed make sure to purchase a new hard drive or a SSD  and transfer all your files on a new drive. Or if you trust cloud system it’s better to always keep a safe backup on Cloud services.

Now why I’m suggesting this ?

There are lot’s of companies who repair or recover whole data from a corrupt Hard Disk , Memory card, or any type of Storage. Probably Stellar to does it. They will charge you a lot money but will make sure to provide you all the files which were stored 10 years before. Yes it’s possible. So it’s better to save money and keep a safe backup.


Conclusion on How to recover deleted files:


AS of Today, Data is the most vulnerable thing,  It would be good if you store it in a safe place with proper backups. Even if you delete a file make sure you’re confirming. Once deleted it would be more costly to recover the data.

Use Genuine application for recovery process and stop privacy Also while giving your Hard disk for recovery, make sure you read the terms and conditions properly and always hand it over to a legit company.

Before purchasing a application make sure you check whether this app is compatible with your Operating system

That’s all on How to recover deleted files, I think this will help you to store your data properly. If you liked this article make sure to press the bell icon and subscribe to BlogsBarrel for more articles.

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Credit for featured image: Stellar Application


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