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Tata Nexon EV | Classic beauty car with durable performance

The 10 months old Tata Nexon EV released it’s 3 new electric vehicles primarily named as Nexon Ev XM, Nexon EV XZ plus and Nexon EV XZ plus lux. We can categorize them as lite, semi-pro and pro version of electric cars. So today we’re going talk about Tata Nexon EV series, basic details and difference of 3 variants, price of all the cars and a proper conclusion whether this car can really beat petrol and diesel cars running in the streets, Or still there is much more left to switch over electric Vehicles.

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The design of Tata Nexon EV

All three variants have similar size and body with the same design such as headlights, front grill, beautiful led elements, Liquid cool battery, Optimistic driving cycle, 129 Horsepower, 245 Nanometer Torque, Airbags, fast charging, IP67 waterproof protection for the battery and lastly 160000 KM driven or 8 years of warranty for battery and electric motor. So One thing is for sure no matter which variant you buy the performancewill be the same in all the three variants. But what makes the three variants different from one another Let’s check it one by one.

Now for obvious reason, compared to the prices of three cars there will many differences as compared with one another. So I’ll write a few main things missing on only two variants Nexon Ev XM and Nexon EV XZ plus. But obviously, the pro version has everything.

Before we begin let’s get the current on-road price with insurance and other charges of all three variants in Delhi are:

  1. Nexon Ev XM is priced at 14.66 lakhs.
  2. Nexon EV XZ plus is priced at 15.97 lakhs.
  3. Nexon EV XZ plus lux is priced at 17.01 lakhs.

The prices are referred from here

Tata Nexon EV XM has few things missing compared to the other Nexon EV XZ plus

  • Alloy wheels
  • The touch screen on the display
  • Front fog lights
  • Height adjustable front seat belts
  • Navigation System
  • Electric Adjustable Seats not present
  • Side airbag front and rear
  • Rear camera for parking
  • CD, DVD player
  • Internal Storage
  • No Android Auto or Apple Car pay

Nexon Ev XZ plus also has few things missing compared to Nexon EV XZ plus lux:

  • Gear Shift Indicator
  • Leather Seats, Leather wrap gear shift selector
  • Electric Adjustable Seats
  • Roof Carrier
  • sunroof
  • Side AirBag front and Rear
  • Automatic Headlamps
  • CD, DVD player
  • Internal Storage
  • Audio System Remote Control

That’s it this were the missing features in both the cars, Or you may Call Difference between Tata Nexon EV XZ vs Tata Nexon EV XZ plus. That was a quick overview of specs missing in both the cars, Let’s talk more about Mileage, Fast Charging Time its the price, Waterproof rating, power supply, driving mode, Top Speed and Warranty.

  • What is the real mileage provided by Tata Nexon Electrical Vehicle Cars?

All the three variants Tata Nexon EV have confirmation of at least 320KM per charge, But as comparing and reviewing 3 youtube videos on the mileage test it’s pretty sure that the car gives a sufficient mileage of at least 220 to 250KM per Charge with proper weight, AC ON and with some other features. But as an average, we can count at least 220 KM, Because this totally depends upon how you ride the car.


  • What is Charging time, speed mode and price to fully charge this Car?

Cars are provided with two-mode charging slot one is Fast and slow mode, The Fast mode can charger you car from 0-100% in almost 1.5 hours and in normal (slow charger) it will take almost 10 hours. The fast charger also called as Charger type 2 will supply DC power and slow charger will supply AC current. The price for charging in slow charger from 0-100 % is 300Rs Approx and for Fast Charger 500 Rs Approx.

There are two types of driving mode in this Car S and D – If you want to drive in a slow steady speed for around 60-80 which is economy speed then you need to select D mode, And if you want to go at a higher speed, 120 which is maximum then you need to switch to S – Speed mode. Although being an electric car this vehicle can go 0-100 in 9.9 seconds (Which is really awesome).

Check the Charging Station Image below:

Tata nexon EV Charging Station


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