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On 15-07-20 Reliance Industries Chairman Mr. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani had a Annual Gathering Meeting also called as Reliance Agm 2020. The meeting started with how a small scale startup reliance made a bigger company. Mr. Mukesh Ambani said today the company is successful because of our uncountable Shareholders. Reliance still has a record of having world’s largest petrochemical Factory Located in Jamnagar — Gujarat. Reliance was the first private Indian company to be listed among fortune 500 Companies in 2004. Reliance Jio network has highly contributed in making India Digital.

That was the history of Reliance, Let’s check a complete details about Reliance AGM 2020.

In the AGM, Reliance also shared some details about Investors which have invested in Jio.

  • Facebook – 9.99 %
  • Google – 7.7 %
  • Silver Lake – 2.07%
  • Vista – 2.32 %
  • General Atlantic – 1.34 %
  • KKR – 2.32 %
  • Mubadala – 2.32 %
  • ADIA – 1.16%
  • TPG – 0.93%
  • L Catterton 0.39%
  • Pif (S-Arabia) – 2.32%
  • Intel – 0.39%
  •  Qualcomm – 0.15 %

Overall 33.4 % of Jio’s stake is been sold to above companies and much more to come.

Interesting part about this deals is where world is facing economy crisis due to Coronavirus, Reliance Jio is in profits in this current Scenario. Reliance became the first Indian company to hit a market cap of 12 Trillion Rs. A 1000 Rs IPO of Reliance in 1977 would earn almost 45 Lakh Rs approx as of now.

43rd Reliance Agm meeting was held remotely, were users can access, Users will be asked to enter their login id and password would be sent by email, In this meeting Insta poll was used where users can vote for their desired options. Reliance AGM 2020 was streamed by their own app Jio Meet, Jiomeet  a recently launched cloud based video conferencing app was launched before 3 weeks and has a users of 50 lakh as of now. Jio meet app was build within 2 months.

  • Reliance pays highest GST and Vat Tax worth of 69,372 Crores.
  • Also Reliance Top’s in list of private companies for paying 8,386 crores of Income Tax.

Reliance AGM 2020 Jio Tv+

    • Jio Tv+ is going to feature a voice assistant problem which will help users to search their actor, director which will help them to find movies, videos, songs categorically.
    • Jio Tv+ subscription has paired with 12 Giant ott platforms which will be complied in single user id and password. So no need to remember login credentials for different services
    • Any developer who is willing to make their own app, Can register with Developer JIO and monetize their app. Click here for more.
    • Jio Setup box has daily soap channels and Jio TV+ has OTT based channels, Combining both of them together will bring entertainment to new level.

Jio Glass:

An Augmental Reality enabled glasses that will help you to see things that are not real but will make you feel real. The glasses will be connected to a mobile via wire and will help you to share things and Talk virtually. Also studying interface will be a quiet more easy as through Augmented reality from home we can get the feel as we’re in a classroom.

As of now Jio Glass is in beta testing, Very soon it’s going to launch.

You can read a detailed article about Jio Glass here

Jio meet features: Two major things were announced in Reliance AGM 2020

Student education department

  • Unprecedented personalization: Through this technique, you can access any information anywhere in the app, Suppose a student is in 12th std and wan’t to access things of 10th Std he can do it.
  • Incredible content: Jiomeet has assembled content for some of the best videos to understand a concept.
  • Teacher empowerment: Many teacher can share their videos in a particular field on this platform that will help them to earn.
  • The main goal of this initiative is to ease online learning.

2nd Feature : Health Care: 

  • JioMeet and Jio Fiber will highly used for health care purposes,  Also Jio HealthHub will be available 24/7 to provide online consultation for patients.
  • Jio HealthHub will be used to book consultations, book lab tests for diseases and Store health records.

Jio 5G Service: 
  • Jio 5G will launched in India next year 2021 by using 100 % home grown technologies and solutions. The trails will be soon available as soon as the 5G spectrum available. This was categorised in vision of AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT by our Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
  • Technologies used in Jio Platforms are : 4G and 5G technologies, Cloud Computing, Device and operating system, Big Data Analytics, Machine learning and AI, Virtual and Mixed reality, Block Chain, Natural language understanding and Computer Vision.
  • All the above things will require a high speed connectivity, On that purpose 5G will be highly used.
  • The components used to make 5G technology are made in India by Indian Engineers.
  •  Jio 5G services will help many sectors such as Industry, Robotics, AI, Agriculture, Automobiles and much more.

reliance agm 2020

Jio Mart:

JioMart was launched in this Covid-19 pandemic, As many cities had problems for product availability, Can’t step out due to lockdown. So the beta version was rolled out of JioMart to ensure that, every customer receives essentials things for sure.

Jio Mart was launched in 200 cities between the pandemic. Also made sure that shopkeepers receive goods on time with discount prices. Also those shopkeepers who are subscribing to JioMart have a very customised app through which they can order products in quantity.

For customers: On every JioMart order placed there is a minimum 5 % which will save our money. Also the social media Giant What’s App’ is going to bring more features for customers on their app compiling with JioMart.

Jio Mart receives a total of 2,50000 orders per day, Also Jio Mart will increase their services in 4 sectors

  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare

Google Jio Partnership:

Jio phone were launched 3 years before, and still holds a record for affordable 4G phones. Same way Reliance Jio as well as Search engine Giant Google is in talks to make a new operating system based on Android. The OS will support 4G and 5G network connectivity which will end 2G communication.

C.E.O of Google – Mr. Sundar Pichai said that google has invested 75,000 crores of Rupees to accelerate India’s digital economy. He said this deal will help everyone access internet who doesn’t have a smartphone as of now. Affordable data services helped millions on Indians to come online.

Google jio partnership

Reliance AGM 2020 Highlights
  • The SAUDI Aramco deal is on hold and will soon be completed in early 2021
  • Bp Oil and gas, The KG D6 will start towards end of year which will provide natural Gas in India.
  • Huge investment on energy will be done by a new brand Jio-BP company.
  • The carbon DI oxide will be recycled and used for creating products as this will help nature.
  • In future Carbon cap and storage technologies will be build
  • Hydrogen, wind, solar fuel cells and battery will be combined to generate energy.
  • Our Vision is of  being net carbon- 0 till the year 2035
  •  Reliance foundation has helped a lot in Covid-19 situation from hospital staff, requirements, Masks, Ambulance and much more.

Reliance is a trust worthy company and the credit for that goes to the investors as well as Shareholders says Mr. Mukesh Ambani . Like always Reliance does what is says, The vision of reliance will surely help everyone and will improve India’s economy in upcoming years.

 Reliance Agm 2020 Highlights many investments, Technologies to build, Recycle of Carbon – DI- oxide and make India a powerful digital country.

That’s all for Reliance AGM meeting, I hope this article covers all the aspect of the AGM 2020.

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