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Jio glass launched | spectacular 3D | Augmental reality

On Reliance 43rd AGM, Mr Mukesh Ambani introduced many future plans such as Recycling Carbon – dioxide, 5G connectivity, 5G phones in cheap, All over India connectivity and much more. But the most interesting topic was Jio Glass, A glass developed with the help of AI, AR which can make you feel real. Jio’s Glass is and Augmented reality glasses that can show you things virtually which are not present near you. Let’s get into more details about Jio Glass.


If you wan’t full details about Reliance 43rd AGM you can read it here.

Jio glass specifications :


Jio glass specifications


  • Jio Glass weights 70 Grams.
  • High-quality display for better resolution
  • Dual speakers located at the end of ear holder
  • Type – Wayfarer type
  • Heat dispersion located at the top of glasses so that heat absorbs
  • Jio’s self voice assistant used for commands
  • USB connector: probably Type c for speedy connectivity.
  • Supports all types of audio format

These were assumed specifications of Jio glasses 

Jio Glass Features:

The glasses are not normal glasses, They support Holographic images combined with Augmented reality technology. Augment reality helps us to see things that’s not real but we can feel the presence of it. The best example of Augmented reality glasses as per movies is

Jump to 1.40, and check it.

Although the Jio Glasses will not be same fully but will be same it will have some common things such as earphones, speaker, display etc.  Also as Jio Glasses supports almost 25 applications, This application will be Jio cinemas, Jio meets and many others to be paired with it.

Not only you can view things in it, But you can actually share presentations and files which can be accessed by the other user, For better understanding, The UI of Jio Glasses will show you give you a background of an office and will let you users display in a shell check this image.

Jio glass features

Not only for calling but you share your presentations, file, Change background with these glasses. Also if you want to access an image, or share a video at the same time of a call you can do it too. It’s like presenting your screen on Jiomeet but in a 3D way.

jio glass news

Connectivity: Jio glasses will directly paired with your mobile phone via a cable, According to me it will be a Type c cable but let’s check-in future how does it turn out. My assumption of USB type c is because many new mobiles support type c, So on that basis I’m expecting a type C connectivity.

Also in the current scenario of lockdown education is a big problem as all school colleges are closed, Jio glass also have virtual classrooms which will help students to learn concepts in 3D.

In the 43rd AGM, Chairman of Reliance, Mr. Mukesh Ambani also said many things about 5G, That as soon as they get 5G spectrum, 5G services in India will start. Now as we all know concept of Jio Glasses will work on the Internet. Also the new google – jio deal promised to make reliable 5G smartphones that too in affordable prices so that everyone can access these services. As from a business point of view, it could be possible that these glasses can be paired with Jio Smartphone only. Or via Jio Fiber connectivity. So even if a user want to get these features he should subscribe to one of their services.

#That’s just a prediction, no such details have been published yet.

Jio glass price:

As apple glasses almost cost around 450 Dollars, Google glasses cost almost about 1K Dollars, But cost of Jio glasses will be low as they believe in mass production and in affordable rates. So anyone can use their services. As it’s Ar tech the price could somewhere around 15-20K per piece with all the accessories included in it. Also they can bundle the glasses with their upcoming 5G smartphones.

The design looks premium and has great features so giving 20K is affordable. As Smart watches with small display cost around 8-10K, So the cost can be *2 in this scenario.

Jio Glass release date: As of now no release date has been mentioned, As Jio glasses are on beta version as of now, Once the stable version enters the market, I’ll upload here soon.

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