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Aarogya setu app | Great step by Government of India

Aarogya setu app was recently launched by the Government of India. The app is an updated version of corona kavach. This app is a step forward to fight coronavirus. It’s a great initiative taken by the Indian Government. Let’s check more on How useful this app is and how it does the job.

Let’s get detailed info on Aarogya setu app below:

What is Aarogya setu app?

It’s basically a GPS dependable coronavirus application tracker which helps the user to get alerts on Coronavirus. The app will also tell you whether you’ve met a positive case patient or no. The app has a self-assessment test which will ask you basic questions to find if you’re infected or have a similar chance of being affected. After the self-assessment test is passed you’ll get a risk alert depending upon the answers you’ve provided. The risk alert is of 3 types low, medium and high.

The application also provides a live feed for the tweets regarding COVID-19, which may help you to stay alert on all the updates provided.

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How does Aarogya setu app works?


Aarogya setu app permissions

We may say the application has a customised algorithm which is used to provide you the current status of being positive. Not only algorithm,  the application will also take some basic permissions such as location – High Accuracy, Bluetooth connectivity and Permanent notification.

The app will also collect data and provide you with the results.

How does the application collect data?

According to me the application truly works on GPS, As if you travel around or move from a colony to another, it will collect your location data and will provide you alerts whether this area has any positive cases.

How to download and install the Aarogya setu app?

The best part of this application is it’s available for both IOS and Android. You need to head towards play store and search for Aarogya setu application. Check the image below to get exact idea of for the GUI of application.

aarogya setu apk


Then too I’ve provided a link to download the official app from here 

Install the app and check the setup process below

How to Setup the Aarogya setu app?

After installing the application follow me:

  • Open the application and select the desired language. ( The best part of this is, it almost support 11 languages)
  • You’ll get some suggestions regarding COVID-19, Scroll right to left 3 times and click on Register now
  • aarogya setu app registration
  • After selecting register now you’ll see app permissions column, In which it will ask you to enable Device location and Bluetooth.
  • Select I agree and accept all the permissions
  • A small window will be popped up which will ask you to provide your mobile number, submit your mobile number and confirm it with OTP provided.
  • Once done a window will be popped up which will ask your personal details such as Gender, Age, profession and Have you travelled in any countries in the last 30 days. Fill it properly and move towards the next step.
  • After completing the setup you’ll get an alter whether you’re safe or not Check the image below:
  • aarogya setu risk detector
  • Scroll down below and you’ll get two more options.
  1. Covid-19 Help centers
  2. Self Assessment Test
  • You can give a self Assessment test to know is there any chances of being coronavirus positive. (Make sure you give the correct answer)
  • Once the test is completed it will provide you risk analysis data- low, medium and high.
  • Also, you’ll get an additional link which will take you to Covid-19 Official Indian dashboard which will provide you latest stats on positive cases. If you wan’t to visit it now click here.

That’s it for the whole installation process.

Data we are providing to Aarogya setu app is safe or not?

It’s completely safe while registering you’ll get a message which ensures that the data will be collected by the Government of India and will be used for more research. So don’t worry your data is in safe hands.

My opinion on Aarogya setu app? 

According to me, it’s a good step to stay safe of Covid-19. The application will provide you with many alerts which are needed till the lockdown period. I would really suggest all users to download this application and also make sure to share this post. More information you get, safer you’ll be. It’s a lockdown stay at home, do not go out unnecessarily.

That’s all for Aarogya setu app IF you liked the post do share it.

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