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Make your own RGB mousepad with 6 easy steps

Make your own Rgb mousepad in simple steps, The mousepad you’re making won’t be a normal one, It will contain a quality rgb led lights which will give a feel of gaming mousepad. Although it’s very easy to make a Rgb mousepad, Just get all the requirements and read the process below.

How to make your rgb mousepad

  • Requirements :
  • A mouse pad
  • A RGB led Strip (1/2 meter)
  • 12V power adapter
  • A Plexiglass
  • An Electric tape
  • Remote of RGB

Now I’ll write down all the steps on How to make an RGB mousepad.


1st of all purchase all the things from the given link below, or from local shop.

Mouse pad 

RGB led lights  : These LED’s are costly but also has a white color and has premium quality. (Adapter is already included so do not buy separately. )


That’s it Now Assembling the parts.

  1. Cut your plexiglass in same size of your mouse pad.
  2. Afterwords instruct him to cut half in “T” shape. (Check the image below)

plexiglass for rgb mousepad








As seen I’ve just slightly cut it in T shape on front back side.

3. Once the cutting part is complete, cut you RGB led strips,

Note: (Always cut your RGB LED’s from between of the golden strip.)










For example if you want 6 led’s then cut from middle of the golden strip, or you whole strip will be damaged and be of no use.

4. Now stick the led’s in the T Shape.

Note (The led’s must not face on the table side.) Check the image below.

plexi glass








If you stick Led’s down side reflection won’t pass.

5. When LED’s are placed, Get your mousepad on the glass and stick all the 4 sides by using double tape, (This will prevent your mousepad to move from the glass surface)

logitech mousepad









6. Connect your 12V Adapter, turn Led’s from remote and set you color. You can change at least 16 colors through remote.


Check my Mouse pad images

rgb mousepad










Cheapest gaming mouse click on image below.




That’s all folks, now you know How to make an rgb mousepad

I wanted Razor firefly but it is too costly, so i made one of my own.

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