Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra

Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra | 10 wonderful places you need to visit

Going on a trek with a group has enthusiasm. In Short, the trek is an adventure which basically means to climb or walk on a mountain to its highest peak and explore the beauty of it. Treks are mostly preferred on Winter’s and Monsoons. All of the treks have a different difficulty level. So below are Top 10 Best locations for Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra.

Before we begin, Things one will definitely need on a trek like Enough water, Extra pair of clothes, trek shoes, Cap, Camera (optional) healthy snacks etc. So below are Top 10 location for Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra, Let’s get started.

1. Trek to Duke’s Nose Point

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level Medium

It is located in Lonavala and near Khandala Railway Station. The is also known as Nagphani. Also, this point has lots of activities such as hiking, trekking, rock climbing etc. At the top of the peak, there is a temple located.
Visitors can get an amazing view of Sahyadri peaks.


2. Trek to Korigad Trek

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level hard

Korigad is also called as Koraigad is a hill fort located above 20 km south of Lonavala in Pune District. This fort is located 3028 ft above sea level.
The fort was conquered by MARATHA Ruler Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. As per History British tried to capture the fort once but couldn’t succeed. The closest way to reach the fort is through Peth Shahpur village.

3. Trek to Tikona Fort 

tikona fort

Difficulty level Hard.
Tikona fort is also known as Vitangad, The fort is located near kamshet town which is around 60 km away from Pune.
A village Tikona-Peth is nearest to the fort. The fort 3500 ft above sea level. And the fort is similar to a shape of a pyramid. Near Tikona fort a temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev exist.
The closest way to reach Tikona Fort is through Tikona Peth village through Kamshet town.

4. Trek to Harihar Fort

Trekking in Maharashtra
The steep way down

Difficulty Extremely hard.

Harihar fort also known as Harshagad is located 40 km away from Nashik city. The easiest way to reach the fort is from harshewadi village. The fort is 1120 ft above sea level.
As per a video going for this trek is very risky.


5. Trek to Rajgadh

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level easy

Rajgadh fort is situated in Pune. The fort was the capital of Maratha Empire, under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This fort is located around 60km away from south pune. The fort lies 4154 ft above sea level. This fort has a lot of historic events. Mostly visitor prefers this trek for monsoon season. As per some reviews, the fort cannot be explored in a single day.

So one can also stay overnight.

Highly recommended location for Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra

6. Trek to Prabalgad

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level: medium

This fort is located between Matheran and Panvel which resides under Raigad District. This fort stands at 2300 ft. After climbing
to its peak, viewers can easily spot the Mumbai-Pune highway and ulhas river.

7.Trek to vikatgad (peb fort)

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level easy.
This fort is located 19-20 km away from karjat, Also this fort is connected to chanderi fort and Tauli hill. This trek famous for one-day trekking. The easiest way to reach the fort is through Matheran town which is 8 km far from Neral.

The idol of Lord Hanuman is placed in the fort.

8. Trek to Rajmachi (One of the best place for Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra)

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty- Hard

Rajmachi Fort is a historical fort located in Sahyadri mountains. Rajmachi can be climbed through two locations, Karjat and Lonavala. This trek does not consist of a hard level of climbing but, to climb the whole mountain via foot can take minimum 3-4 hours.
I’ve personally completed this whole trek till the top and it almost took 3 hours. Also, there was no huge waterfall present. The view from the top is fabulous

Tip:- To complete this trek one must have a lot of strength to walk.

Highly recommended for Top 10 trekking location in Mumbai

9.Trek to kalsubai

Trekking in Maharashtra

Difficulty level: Medium

Kalsubai is a mountain located in Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary. This trek is quite famous for trekkers. It stands with a height of 5400 feet above sea level and is the highest point in Maharashtra.
The popular route to reach this fort arrives at a base village name bari.
Also, Bhandardara dam is located 6km away from the fort.


10. Trek to lohagad

Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra

Difficulty level Easy

Lohagad fort is close to the hill station Lonavala. Lohagad stands a height of 3389ft above sea level.
This fort can be reached from Pune and the fort is slightly connected to Visapur fort.
Most trekkers prefer this fort in Monsoon season.

So that’s all folks, These were my pick of  Top 10 location for Trekking in Mumbai-Maharashtra. Probably lots of foreigners travel here for the search of heaven. Maharashtra has the best locations for trekking in India. Do comment if you’ve visited any above them.

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