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Daily exercise | Follow 7 easy steps to get a handsome physique

Daily Exercise is a great way to maintain a good physique and stay Healthy. Daily exercise of  1 hr or   1½ hr is sufficient. Proper exercise not only increases your muscles but also it improves your fitness. And with day by day routine you’ll see a massive result in your body.

Below I’m writing some of the best habits which you definitely need to follow before performing your daily exercise.

1.Carry proper Accessories while performing your daily exercise. 

exercise shoes sports towels wrist support for exercise

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Most of the people ignore some of the basic things which are necessary for daily exercise. (ex: Gym Shoes, Wrist brace, A Microfiber cleaning towel etc)

I’ll explain Why ?

  • Shoes: Wearing a proper training shoes increases your grip and helps you to stand stable on a high weight lifting. Also while you’re training your legs while wearing shoes you’re workout will be more comfortable.
  • Wrist brace: Wrist brace is mostly use to lift heavy weight, whether you are training your chest or arms Wrist brace is important. As wrist brace prevents your wrist from muscle imbalance.
  • A microfiber cleaning towel: Cleaning towel helps you to clean your self while you’re working. As lots of sweat occurs  while training your body.

2. A proper warm up before for your daily exercise


  • Is Warm up necessary ?

Warm up is really necessary before proceeding to your exercise format. Push ups, pull ups sit ups, Dead lift are some of examples of warm up.

  • What does warm up does ?

It actually makes your body ready to perform exercise, A good warm up with medium reps is a great way to start with your routine.

  • Time duration  of warm up?

Max to Max 15- 20 minutes. A 20 minutes of warm up will heat your body and will provide more concentration for your daily exercise schedule. Excess warm up can reduce your energy.

3:  Diet for daily exercise. 


daily exercise

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Going on a diet is not a big thing, But which diet suits you the most is really important. There are en number of diets available for example

  •  Atkins diet
  • The Zone diet.
  • Ketogenic diet
  •  Vegetarian diet.
  • Vegan diet
  • Weight Watchers diet
  • South Beach diet
  • Raw food diet.
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Western diet

Now for detailed explanation of every diet you can visit here.

Why Diet is important for your daily exercise?

Diet is not about losing weight or eating less, It’s about choosing what to eat, what your body needs, how much food you should consume for good results.

By following your diet and regularly exercising you can really get a good shape.

Why you should customize your diet? 

You’re only one who knows about your weight, height, body fat etc. So you should know how the things works or which food is more beneficial for you. As lots of people provide valuable information on diet. Some of them even provide online consultation for preparing your diet.

One more thing you can do is, Ask your trainer he will suggest you far more better than anyone.

4: Schedule a proper format daily for your per day exercise.

Now you cannot train every muscle everyday, The result will be arms will be broad and rest body will be same as before. So it’s necessary that you concentrate on every part of your body. Below I’m providing my format how I used to train my body with a proper format.

  • Monday can go for -Bicep
  • Tuesday can go for -Triceps
  • Wednesday can go for -Chest
  • Thursday can go for -Back
  • Friday can go for -Shoulder
  • Saturday can go for -Leg

Is training single muscle every day compulsory?

Yes, When you train your arms on Monday, the muscle needs rest with proper nutrition. So as per my format, every muscle gets at least 6 days of rest after trained.

5: Your exercise posture. 

One of the most important thing is your posture. It doesn’t matter if you do 50 reps or 10. The one with proper posture will give you effective results compared to 50 non proper posture.

Not only results but there are chances that due to wrong form of exercise you may get a serious injury. Always consult your trainer before performing any new exercise, It will prevent you from injury.

Don’t lift weight with wrong format or fun

6.How to choose proper weight and reps for training.

You need to build a habit for lifting certain weight. For example if you can easily lift a 10 KG dumbbell for two weeks try to lift 12.5 KG. Now there are chances that even 12.5 Kg would go easy for you, But trust me you need to at least continue picking up same weight for more two weeks, Once it feels more easy then go further. Same way try with every other exercise.

Same way goes for reps. For 1st week go for 10 reps  continue till 2-3 weeks, once you’re fond of it increase your reps.

By trying this routine when you perform a super set for any of the following daily exercise it will be very easy because you had a routine.

NOTE: Doing exercise with a improper format or lifting uncomfortable weight will only lead to muscle injury

There’s only one mantra here: Goo!! Slow!!

7. Rest routine for your daily exercise

Rest doesn’t only mean that after training for 6 days you need a one day rest, But when you complete a set with 12 reps at least take 60 – 80 seconds break and then perform another set. Once that exercise is completed take approx 3 minutes proper rest and then go for another exercise.

Meanwhile in your rest clean yourself, take some air, let your body be relaxed.

So that’s it just follow these habits and you’ll definitely get good results.

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Conclusion on daily exercise:

Training or exercise is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Just get a proper knowledge for your nutrition, select a proper diet and do follow it, Avoid steroids and other harmful things which will definitely cause side effects in your body.

Remember building a body in a proper shape takes time stay focused, believe in your self and you’ll achieve your goals.

A body built with dedication, hard work is worthy rather than getting a steroid.

Whole article was written on my experience and things i follow, If you’ve some suggestions which i can update here, you’re free to comment.

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