types of usb cable

What are the Types of USB Cable used frequently.

There are probably 6 Types of USB cables available in the market. Universal Serial Bus also know as USB, is mostly used for 2 purposes either to charge a device or to transfer data between devices. USB was invented by MR. Ajay Bhatt in the year 1995. The first specification for the USB version 1.0 was introduced in 1996. Since then the use of USB began to grow rapidly. As it was cheap and easy to use. There are probably 6 Types of USB cables which are

The types of USB Cable are as follows:-


1.  USB type A


These cables are used for plugging a device to work like a mouse, keyboard, etc. These types of USB Cable are easily available at an affordable price.

2. USB type B

types of usb cable


These are highly used in printers or a microcontroller like (Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi) for transferring data, etc.

This USB supports up to 12 MBPS transfer rate.

3. USB C (One of the fastest types of the USB cable)

types of usb cable

This is an updated version of USB B, As it’s shape is the same upside down. Also, it is very fast for file transfer and high-speed charging.

This USB supports up to  5 GB per second transfer rate.


This USB is used for smaller devices like a digital camera or an I-pod etc. As of now, these are outdated but there are still some of the devices which support this cable.

5. Micro USB B

types of usb cable

Often used for charging mobile, power bank, a Bluetooth device, etc. It is considerably smaller than Type A and Type C. This is highly found in mobile phones and external hard drives.

6. USB OTG (Over the Go)

types of usb cable


This USB act as a host for other flash drives like a mouse, pen drive. This makes it very easy to send data from a pen drive to a mobile. It is available easily and also very cheap

This has two versions USB B and USB C.

These are all the types of USB cables, NOTE: All the USB cables are made in two versions:- 2.0 and 3.0

Here is an image through which you can see the difference between the version of USB and their types.


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