Transfer files wirelessly from mobile to computer

Forget USB Cables | Learn how to Transfer files wirelessly

Still, using USB cables to transfer tons of data from Mobile to computer or any other device? Yes, we can say it’s easier but time-consuming as well. What if I can assure you a more speedy technique through which you can transfer files wirelessly without any errors. You heard me right, Below I’m going to provide you with 3 simple ways that can do your job without a USB Cable.

There are probably 3 easy methods to transfer files wirelessly which will also need wifi we can also call it as wifi file transfer


  • Google Drive
  • FTP (File Transfer protocol)
  • What’s App web

I’ll explain all of them below stay tuned.

Google Drive: We all know Google drive is a free application that provides 15GB of free storage through which you can save, share files to anywhere anytime. All you need is an Internet connection, Google Account and a browser or Google Drive Application. Below are the steps on how to use google drive to transfer files wirelessly.

How To Upload file in Google Drive –

  • Login to your Gmail account-
  • open Google drive from here – 
  • Sign in and select “New” on the left side,Google drive file transfer
  • Choose File upload or Folder upload.
  • The upload duration will be depended on your file size.
  • Once the file is uploaded, access it from any place where an internet connection is available.

(Note: )  Google just provides you with only 15GB of Storage data for every service it provides. And once that storage is full, to access the files you need to pay to google a monthly, quarterly or a yearly charge to get more storage.

Tip (If you have useless mails and unwanted files in your drive remove them immediately.)

It’s the best and the easy way which will just require an email id and Internet. The minimum file you can send through a mail is of 25 MB. And for Google drive, you can at least upload 10 GB of data. So this can help you a lot.

2. FTP (File Transfer protocol)

This is one of my favourite methods which I regularly prefer for sending data from mobile to my desktop or vice versa.

Before that Let’s Learn What is FTP: 

FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol, Which is the oldest protocol but still used in most places. Users connect to a network(WiFi) with an FTP client, a piece of software that lets you download files from the server, as well as upload files to it.


How to move files from mobile to desktop wireless through Ftp method.

There are some applications available on play store as well as IOS store which can easily do this job.

Now as an example to make you understand how this process works, I’ll use Mi Drop.

Note:( WiFi router is needed or a WiFi connection to that machine via LAN cable is needed to perform this.)

Steps for FTP

  • Turn your WiFi on connect to your desired network.
  • Open MI Drop application and navigate and select 3 lines .
  • Click on Connect to computer
  • Now click on Start and you’ll get two options secure or Not Secure. Go for your preferred option.
  • You need to remember username and password you set if you go for secure.

Once the service is started Open My computer, or Explorer and navigate to address bar.

The address bar is located on the top left side. Click on the Address bar and enter the same IP you found on the phone same as it’s appeared. After typing the Ip press enter.

That’s it you can now send and receive files directly from your desktop.

3.Whatsapp Web. 

Whatsapp Web is an alternate option for Transferring files wirelessly but for the small size of data.

I would suggest users to only use WhatsApp web if you are sharing files between 1 to 16MB. Because Whatsapp won’t allow more, So suppose if you need an image, a short video or an mp3 file you can go for this method. For large files prefer FTP.

How to transfer files wirelessly from WhatsApp to PC using WhatsApp Web
  • To run this method you need Whatsapp mobile application.
  • Open your Whats app application and navigate to 3 dots located on the top right side.
  • Click on it select Whatsapp Web.
  • Afterwards, you need to open website and scan the mobile Qr code and connect it.
  • Now once you can see your chats on desktop.
  • Upload your file, or send your file to any of your contacts. Once the file is sent. Go to your desktop and navigate to the chat and download your file.

You need to remember one thing for all the three application having a working internet is must, Also Internet speed is not an issue but you will need an active Internet connection.

So, Guys, These were some of the methods which will help you to transfer files wirelessly without using a USB cable. We live in the 20th century, with our mobiles, we too should be aware of new technologies.

All the images uploaded are shot from my phone.

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