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Revolt Rv 400 bike | Time to kill petrol

Revolt RV 400 is India’s first ever electric motorcycle. The bike had an launch event on July 2019. But as of now the bike is available for purchase. Does Revolt RV 400 promises to deliver a good performance with its new features ? check below

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  • Specifications
  • Pricing
  • Availability

revolt rv 400

Features of the Revolt RV 400 bike 

  • Revolt RV 400 has amazing features which is similar to IOT (Internet of things.) Basically the bike has an Remote start  feature through which you can remotely on and off your bike in a second. The bike has Geo fencing available uses RFID technology. Basically Geo fencing is used to  create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a  device enters or leaves a particular area.

In same way if someone tries to access your bike and crosses the boundary, The bike will turn off automatically.

  • Artificial exhaust: You heard it right, it supports Artificial exhaust through which you can customize your exhaust sound. Although it’s an electric bike and doesn’t carry any silencer.
  • Real Battery time consumption :  This shows battery stats of bike, that how many more kilometers it can run.
  • Connectivity: The bike has 4G connectivity enabled through which smart features like turn on/off, Geo fencing can work.
  • Foot pegs adjustment: You can adjust your foot pegs if you’re not comfortable with default setting.
  •  Exchange battery: This is the best feature which allows you to order a new battery from its official app and exchange your empty battery for relevant charges.
  • USB Charging: Yes, USB charging is available on Revolt RV 400 (Still not sure about fast charging 😛 )
  • Riding Mode: There are 3 modes in Revolt RV 400, Normal, sport, Eco.

This was all for features of the bike, now let’s go for specifications.

Revolt Rv 400 Specifications


  • Max Torque:170 NM ( Newton meter )
  • Motor power: 3000 W
  • Range:  depends on your mode (For example : It can hardly reach 150 km on eco mode with speed of 45)

For normal mode it can reach till 100 km on a average speed of 65

For sport mode it can reach till 80km with a speed on 85

  • Charging time of bike: max 5 hours.
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Navigation: Yes
  • Drive type: Belt drive


  • Anti Braking system: Not available
  • Console: Digital
  • Pass switch: Yes
  • Anti theft alarm: No
  • Carry hook: Yes


  • Energy type: Electric
  • Front suspension: Upside down forks
  • Rear Suspension: Mono shock

Dimensions of bike 

  • Saddle Height: 814 millimeter.
  • Ground clearance: 215 millimeter.
  • Wheel base: 1350 millimeter.
  • Kerb weight:  108 KG

Electrical Accessories available on this bike:

  • Headlight, Taillight and Turn lamp : LED
  • DRL’s (Daytime running lights: ) Yes Available.
  • Projector Headlights: Yes.
  • Tail lights: Led.

Battery Specifications:

  • Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 72V, 3.24 Ah
  • Low Battery Indicator available: Yes

Tyre’s and Breaks:

  • Tyre Size: Front- 90/80-70, Rear- 120/80-17
  • Tyre Type: Tubeless
  • Wheel Size: Front- 17 inch — Rear- 17 inch
  • Wheels material : Alloy
  • Front and Rear brake: Disc
  • Front and Rear brake diameter: Same 240 millimeter

So these were all the specifications for Revolt Rv 400. Now lets go for price.

Price of Revolt RV 400 bike

There was lot of buzz regarding price for first electric motorcycle in India. But as founder of Revolt Mr. Rahul Sharma clearly mentioned that this bike is purely affordable and also has Emi payments options available. Also there are no extra charges.

There are two variants for Revolt RV 400.

One will all features is priced at  Rs 147963

One with less features will be priced at Rs 129463

Emi plans check the image below

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Emi plans for revolt Rv 400

I’ve got these plans from official revolt website. The emi plans are available for exact 37 months.

Revolt RV 400 bike Availability in your city


Currently this bike is only available in Delhi and pune and the bookings are full for September and October. Also in upcoming time revolt will be available in your city.

To book this bike you just need to visit official website.

Conclusion: A bike with so many amazing features needs to do well. Also this bike is best if you’re traveling locally. But if you’re thinking for a long trip on this bike it won’t help. For city and day to day use this bike  is perfect.

According to me considering price and features it’s a good bike + considering the price of petrol as of now, Electric bike would be great.

You guys let me know what are your reviews regarding Revolt RV 400 in the comment section below.

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