How to stop hair fall

Easy Steps on How to stop hair fall and regrow hair – 2020

Hair fall is a huge problem for mostly everyone. Whether he/she may be a teenager or a middle-age adult. Probably hair fall begins on an average age of 18-19. And there are plenty of reasons for it. So below I’ll share some of tips which will guide you on How to stop hair fall

Key points on how to stop hair fall and regrow hair

There are plenty reason why hair fall and hair fall occur, some of them are :

  • Lack of nutrition.
  • Increase in  DHT (dihydrotestosterone)
  • Using hair products without proper care.
  • Junk food
  • Using of Non-suitable shampoo.
  • Stress


Lack of Nutrition (the main reason for hair fall)


Many of them don’t know on an average How much Nutrition our body needs on a single day.

The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight or 0.36 grams per pound.

  • An average man needs at least 56g of protein.
  • A woman needs at least 46g of protein.

Hair needs a lot of protein to grow and for its nourishment. The follicle of hair is made up of protein, and if certain measures are not taken the follicle can turn weak and eventually die if you don’t have proper nutrition.

How to Stop hair fall

Prevent hair fall by consuming basic protein food


As per my knowledge hair needs more protein from a body to grow properly, so if your daily diet doesn’t have enough protein, there are chances of hair fall. So make sure to at least get 40 grm daily protein from your diet.

For veg: White oats (Not flavoured) 100 g of consuming oats can give you 16.9 g of protein.

Moong: 100g of moong can give you at least 23g of protein.

For Non-veg:  Chicken breast or Turkey can give you 30g of protein per 100g serving.

Lean beef can give you at least 36 g of protein per 100g serving.

These are just an example you can customize your own daily diet. Or you may consult a trainer or a nutritionist.

Having good nutrition also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease or cancer.

These steps can help you on How to stop hair fall and regrow hair.



Increase in  DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

Dihydro testosterone (DHT) is an androgen. An androgen is a sex hormone that contributes to the development of what is thought of as “male” sex characteristics, such as body hair. But it can also make you lose your hair faster and earlier.

DHT is thought to cause hair follicles to miniaturize, and this contributes to male pattern hair fall.

Dihydrotestosterone is present in both male and female body. And there are lots of reasons due to which DHT increases.

  • Masturbation
  • Excess workout
  • Dietary fat etc.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should stop DHT growth, Dht is also necessary for below mentioned things

  • a deep voice
  • increases body hair and muscle mass.
  • changes in how fat is stored around your body.

How to Control Dht ?

There are lots of DHT blocker food which helps to block DHT up to a particular extent.

Some of them are :


Choose a suitable shampoo which will prevent hair fall


Nowadays companies are making different types of shampoo for different problems, example , Anti-dandruff, Shampoo for strong and healthy hair, DHT blocker shampoo and many more. But most of the above contains  sulfate/SLS, paraben and silicone chemicals which are harmful to your scalp and hair. Try organic shampoo which is free from dangerous chemicals. Below is a recommended product if you want to try.

Check the image above and read its ingredients, if you feel good you can buy.

The myth of quantity: Using more shampoo won’t do any better. Apply shampoo as much as it’s needed.

Tip: You should not wash hair daily with shampoo, You can wash your hair, once a week or hardly twice.  

For long hairs try washing once a week. 

After shower: Once you’re done bathing, do not rub or directly comb on your wet hairs, dry it properly with a towel and massage it gently. As wet hairs are sticky and there are more chances of hair break while rubbing or combing.



Stress is the answer for How to stop hair fall. Any reason that can increase stress, it may be your past or current problems. Stop thinking above it. As this will cost you nothing but will increase your stress. A study claims that improper sleep can cause a lot amount of stress.

So avoid it, Focus on your goals, do things that you like. Meditation also removes stress.

How to Stop hair fall


So these are some of useful tips and tricks on How to stop hair fall and regrow hair if you found something wrong or missing you can let me know in the comments section below.

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