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How to make your Antifog glasses with 2 simple steps

Fog protective glasses or we may call Antifog glasses are really helpful when it comes to doing outdoor activities. Fogging is a really big problem when it comes to playing a sport in an odd hour or driving a vehicle. Many accidents occur due to fogging, A survey suggests that around 16300 injuries and around 600 deaths happen every year due to fogging. Below I’m going to share with you two tips through which you can make your eyeglasses, mirror, helmet visor, and Car windshield purely AntiFog.

What is Fogging, How fog is made naturally?

How fog is occurred on roads


The fog begins to form when water vapour condenses into tiny water droplets that are suspended in the air. It only occurs when moisture is added in the air or falling ambient temperature. As per science, Fog is also considered to be a type of cloud which is made up of millions of tiny water droplets. In a simple way, we can say that when two different types of temperature mixes in the air Fog is created on surfaces.

There are many types of fogs such as Radiation fog, Advection fog, Hail fog, and Upslope fog. 

That was a brief intro on How FOG is made, Want to know more about fog? You can read it all here

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Wearing masks in the Covid Pandemic is really difficult for those who’re having spectacles. As the Mask blocks the air from passing through the front and forcefully the air is released in through upward direction. The glasses present in the spectacles will easily attract Fog every time air is exhaled from the mouth.

How to prevent Fogging on Glasses by making it Antifog Glasses? 

There are probably two solutions you can do this.

  • Buy Antifog spray
  • Make your own Antifog solution
  1. Antifog Spray is made of Isopropanol, or rubbing alcohol, is used most commonly. The chemicals protect the glasses from the fog and make your vision clear. You can purchase it from a Contact lens shop or from a local store. If you’re searching it through an e-commerce site you can visit here.

After getting the spray directly apply it on both sides of glass, windshield, or helmet. Let it soak for a few minutes and wipe it with a Microfiber cloth directly without applying water. Remember it should be a plain cloth with no design or patches. Consider using an only microfiber cloth or you may get scratches on your glasses.

2. Learn How to make Antifog solution

The solution is quite simple and will work for any sort of glasses. All you need is a microfiber cloth or a clean tissue paper, A SOAP or a hand wash liquid and a few droplets of water.

  • Get the soap first and dip it in water
  • Once the soap is little wet rub your fingers on the wet part of soap and apply it gently on both the side of glasses such that the bubbles are visible on glasses.
  • Let it dry for a few minutes in a normal room temperature and directly clean the glasses with the tissue paper.

Now in both the scenarios the spray and the soap solution act as a barrier and blocks the fog being attracted to the glasses. Even if water droplets fall on the glasses it will move quickly and will make your vision clear. This two solutions will work for every type of glasses such as helmet visor, Car Windshield and Mirrors etc.

Remember: The spray or soap solution won’t last forever you need to apply frequently if needed. As per the 2nd method, I had applied it on my glasses before 3 days and still, it’s working fine. After the effect is Gone I’ll update it here.

Also, the spray or the liquid solution should be applied in a limit or it may damage the glasses. That’s it this is how you can make your own Antifog Glasses with that too for free.

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