how does bittorrent work

How does BitTorrent work | Dark secrets of BitTorrent 2020

BitTorrent (BT) is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (“P2P”) which is used to distribute data and electronic files over the Internet. BitTorrent has 1 Million daily users.Below are the details on How does BitTorrent work.

BitTorrent consist of 2 things File upload and File download. By knowing the process you’ll learn and understand easily How does BitTorrent work.

File Upload Process

Basically when a client want’s to share a file on net he needs to upload the file on any Bit torrent hosting website. The file can be of any type, when the file is been uploaded the hosting site creates or generates a magnet link for everyone.

Now this depends upon privacy of file, some files needs password to open and some are fully usable.

File Download Process

User must visit the site (or the location of the file stored). Once user is active he can click on the magnet link and the download will begin.

(Note :- You cannot download the file without any BitTorrent application )

Download (BitTorrent here) for Desktop

Working of BitTorrent

For easy explanation we can divide this into two parts.

  • Normal download
  • bitTorrent download

Normal download:

In a normal download a user visits a website and gets the files from a source. For example

A file in a downloading process is divided into a steam and then stored in the user’s data. This goes well for a single user. But if multiple users download the same file, The stream gets divided into parts which allows to divide the download speed of the file. Also possible a site may be crashed due to this process. Because the users are more and the source itself is one.

BitTorrent download:

In BitTorrent download works as same scenario above, But here all the down loaders are the source itself. So there is no chance of speed getting low or the site maybe crashed. Although more the users downloading the file, More speed a user will get.

Also BitTorrent has one more thing, Once a download begins, There are two things which are on. One the download speed and 2nd the upload speed.

The download speed is what we get from other active users, and the upload speed is what we provide to other users. Although upload speed totally depends upon you Internet speed. And you can even configure that in the settings itself.

(Note) : Higher the upload speed the more it’ll slow your Internet.

When the download process is done your file starts seeding.

Seeding is a process which continues to provide upload speed to the downloaded file.

This is a reason why BitTorrent downloads have high speed compared to normal downloads.

Now as everything has its own pros and cons.

Let’s go for one major con of Bit Torrent files.

Bit Torrent download speed is dependent on two things.

  • Seeders
  • Leechers

What are seeders and leechers in BitTorrent


I’ll make this very simple for you to understand.

Seeders are the one who have completed the download and are still Seeding the file.

Leechers are the one who are downloading the file.


In any case if the Seeders are high, user will get a very high speed for downloading his file and vice versa.

Note: You may unwilling download a virus from a BitTorrent site or a file so always check your file before downloading.