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Real working tricks on How to get free PUBG UC or How to do PUBG UC hack. Below I’ve mentioned two tricks which can easily let you win unlimited amount of UC to buy skins and make purchases in the game

Let me show you a simple way on how to get Free Uc in pubg mobile or you may call it a pubg UC hack without getting your account ban.

Now for making this trick work you have to follow 2 simple rules to make sure this UC hack works.

  • You need to play some missions for PUBG Free Uc.
  • You need to subscribe for royal pass by paying 800 Rs.

Now i know, 2nd trick is not suitable on How to do a pubg UC hack but I’ve a working solution for it too.

Let’s check the history of Pubg UC.

As pubg began more popular all over the globe, the developers of pubg decided to upload skins on pubg mobile. And this created buzz on the game, the players actually liked the skins. And so the concept of Pubg Uc came in the place. Through this pubg uc you can purchase skins, royal pass, open crates and much more.

Previously when pubg rolled out an update, I remember that purchasing 600 UC was priced around 1200 Rs.

But due to high price most of the users couldn’t afford it.

So pubg team decided to reduce the price from 1200 to 800 Rs.

Now it’s time for the solution on How to get free PUBG UC with help of legal PUBG UC hack no tools needed

There are two solutions for this.

  1. To complete missions in Bonus challenge and earn at least 6000 Battle points.
  2. To purchase prime plus via google.

Note: You can’t do this in one day both the methods  needs patience to work as they are for free.

IF you can’t wait spend real cash and purchase Royal pass.

Let’s for first trick.

  1. Complete missions in Bonus Challenge.

This trick is sound easy but it’s not, Completing missions means to play a game in solo, duo or squad and to rank 1 in bonus challenge.

Bonus challenge points are divided as per its type, For example if you play solo and score a chicken dinner you can  earn 1500 bonus point. Suppose for earning 600 Uc packs you need at least 5000 bonus points. So by winning 5 times you can directly redeem 600 Uc and subscribe to royal pass.

Also note : For playing bonus challenge you need bonus challenge voucher. For first time it’s free and provided by pubg developer . And then when you start playing bonus challenge and probably kill 1 or 2 players you earn a bonus voucher again. 

Note: Bonus points are use to purchase Bonus challenge skins, Free Uc, and Bonus Voucher.

Comparing to second trick this is a lot easy.

Probably this method can solve your query on How to get free uc in pubg mobile or pubg Uc hack.

How to find and play bonus challenges 


pubg hack

  • Click on the menu bar where the arrow is pointed.
  • Go to bonus reward.
  • There you’ll find options on redeem, challenge event etc.
  • Click on challenge event and play your missions.
  • Once you win you’ll get bonus points
  • Even if you lose you’ll get some bonus points too. To purchase a bonus voucher.


Second method for Pubg UC Hack
Get Prime subscription for free via google rewards

For this method you don’t need to play any missions, you just need to provide genuine answers on Google rewards.

What is google rewards ?

Google rewards is a survey application developed by google. Google basically ask questions on your interest like football, Shopping etc.

And trust me they are very easy

You just need to provide genuine answers.

Every time you complete a survey you get google cash for free. Now pricing per survey is different sometime I got 21 rupees from a single survey. And trust me in a week you’ll definitely 2 surveys.

For example if you earn 30 rs per week from surveys. In upcoming 7 months you can easily earn around 800 rs.

So directly you can purchase royal pass for upcoming season or current season.

I know this will take time but it’s absolutely for free.

One more thing while season 8 started , Pubg developers introduced prime and prime plus service.

Through this service a user needs to pay 380 Rs rather than 800 Rs for a month In which a user gets instantly 300 Uc cash + per day 20 uc (Needs to be collected everyday after 24 hours) + per day 10 Royal pass points + Redeem crates through Bonus points.

This offer went crazy and more users started to purchase Royal pass because it was beneficial. And of course once you complete a royal pass on 100 level you get another 600 Uc free. So again you can purchase a new royal pass.

Now this offer was for a limited time and now this offer is closed as Season 8 will end on 11th September 2019.

I cannot guarantee but i hope, as soon as season 9 starts again this offer will be up. So if you even managed to collect 400 Rs from Google rewards that’s it.

Even i followed this second trick and on season 8 with 380 Rs i successfully managed to purchase Season 8 royal pass for free. You can check the image above I’ve around 700 Uc with Royal pass Season 8

So this were some of my tricks on How to get free uc in pubg mobile; pubg Uc hack. And I’m sure both of them will definitely work but will need some patience.


Things to avoid while playing pubg
  1. It’s a humble request don’t provide your pubg username, or any data to any sites who claims will provide you free Uc. Or do not download Pubg  hack apk or pubg free Uc apk, This won’t do anything. Cheating or modifying apk will lead to an account ban and can also lead to jail with a huge amount of fine.
  2. Never keep any type of liquid items side by you, Whatever it may be, 4 months before a teenager died by drinking Chemical used for experiments. The player was playing pubg and didn’t knew which bottle had water and which had chemical. So it’s better never to keep any things which are stored in a bottle.

So do not use illegal ways. Play clean – win clean.

That’s all for now, If you seriously think this post helped you out do share and comment As it will encourage me to share more informative articles.

Found anything missing or wrong you can let me know in the comment section or you can mail me, check contact us page.

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