does Blue filtering glass work

Bluelight filtering glasses | Do they really work or a myth.

Bluelight filtering glasses or you may call blue light protection glasses are used to block the harmful blue light which emits from electronic devices such as Computer Screens, Mobiles, TV and other display accessories. This blue light is categorized as Ultraviolet rays which we get from the Sun. But the question is “do blue filter glasses work” or it’s just a Marketing Gimmick?

In the following article, we’re going to discuss about What are Ultraviolet rays, Bluelight, Harmful Blue light rays, Bluelight filtering glasses and the Myth of Bluelight filtering Glasses.

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What are the Ultraviolet rays?

Ultraviolet (UV) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers. UV radiation is presented in sunlight and constitutes about 10% of the total electromagnetic radiation output from the sun.

Are ultraviolet rays harmful to humans?

How UV rays damages our eyes

Yes, Continuous Exposure to UV rays can cause premature ageing of the skin, sun damage such as wrinkles, actinic keratosis and solar elastosis. UV rays can also cause eye problems such as inflammation of the eyes.

How to protect ourselves from UV rays?

Which is better UV glasses or Bluelight filtering glasses

This totally depends upon the time of our activity, UV rays are strongest from 10.00 Am to 4.00 PM. So plan your activities according to the time and make sure you wear heat absorb colour clothes such as White. If possible try to cover every part of your skin while roaming at this time. The most important thing is to protect your eyes from UV rays. Make sure you’ve UV protective Polarized glasses which will almost block 99% of UV rays coming from the Sun.

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Is Blue light different from UV light?

Less know than UV light, Blue light is another type of light that we have exposure to a daily basis that can potentially damage our eyes. It has the Shortest wavelength of all visible light and therefore has the highest energy of the visible light spectrum.

Bluelight spectrum wavelength is between 400 to 525 nm. The UV light has only one source IE Sun, Whereas the blue light is also generated from Sun as well as other man-made sources such as LCD, CRT monitors, Mobile Screens and other Display.

How harmful is blue light to your eyes?

Blue Light Penetrates the eye deeper than UV light. More time we spend on display accessories there are chances these problems might occur in your eye.

  • Blurry vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Dry eye
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Damage Light-sensitive cells in the retina.

How to Protect our eyes from Blue light?

Generally, many of the opticians as well as some Doctors (ophthalmologist )Recommend Bluelight Filtering glasses which promise to block almost 95% of blue light Coming from the Screen. These glasses are a little bit costly because a Bluelight cut coating is placed on the glasses or the lens.

You can watch the below Video on How does Bluelight filtering Glasses work?

So after watching the video, you must be willing to buy a pair of Bluelight Glasses, But do you really need it?

Let’s Talk about the Myth of Blue cut Glasses

Myth of bluelight filtering glasses

  1. A 2017 review in the journal Ophthalmic & Physiological Optics, which includes three studies with 136 participants, suggests that there is no high-quality evidence that wearing Blue Light Glasses will protect your eye from harmful blue light. Even after wearing blue cut glasses, it didn’t even help in solving main problems such as Insomnia and eye fatigue.
  2. The American Academy of Ophthalmology said that more screen time of digital devices can cause eye dryness and blurry vision. No matter what glasses you wear it won’t do any better.
  3. Although Monitors made of previous generations such as CRT monitors emitted more blue light than the one we use today. Current LCD, LED emit very less % of Bluelight and that too they’ve their own Filters installed in the System.
  4. A mobile phone, LED monitor has built-in software which will change your screen White brightness to Yellow for around 30 to 70%. So that it will give no eye strain even you site for long hours on the computer.

The 20-20-20 formula for eye-strain.

20 20 20 formula for eye protection

Here 20-20 formula means After every 20 mins of your Screen time lift your eyes from the Screen and Focus on an object which is 20 feet away from your concentrate on that object for at least 20 seconds.

Following this rule will help you to keep your eyes wet, Will help you concentrate more, No eye-strain or eye-Fatigue.

You can also add variations in it, After 20 mins focus on an object which is 20 feet away, Stand up, Stretch your body and drink some water. This variation will help your muscles to be relaxed and the water will help you to prevent dryness of the eyes.

Alternative solutions to deal with eye-strain, eye-fatigue:-

  • Only use mobile when it’s necessary.
  • IF your on-screen time at your work is more then stop using any other devices to watch videos and other stuff.
  • We need to blink at least 15 to 30 times in a minute.
  • Check the 15 eye exercise video by Optometry Academy that should be done daily for improving eyesight.

You can also include these food items which are good for your eye.

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards
  • Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish.
  • Eggs, nuts, beans, and other non-meat protein sources.
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices.
  • Oysters and pork.

The eye is the most delicate as well as an important organ in a human body, Protect it as much as you can, Do not unwillingly spend hours on Digital Screen, If you do then take proper measures for it.

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