Youtube premium free for airtel users

YouTube premium free subscription for Airtel users

India’s Second Best telecom company Airtel has announced 3 months of YouTube premium free Subscription for all Airtel Users.

YouTube, World’s leading video service company as well as streaming giant had introduced a new service named YouTube premium. In YouTube premium there won’t be ads, background play and unlimited downloads for all the video available. On a trial basis you can get YouTube premium free for 1 month and post subscription you would need to pay 129 per month to enjoy the services.

Day by day the use of YouTube is increasing, From learning to exploring everyone prefers YouTube, As it’s fast, free and reliable. The only thing that bothers almost every user is “Advertisement” In the ongoing pandemic YouTube or we may call the Channel creators have increased the frequency of ADS which is really annoying. Previously we could skip every advertisement after 5 second. But now for some videos we need to watch 20 Sec ad first and then the option to skip is available.

We can also call it as a marketing Gimmick from YouTube so that we  pay a monthly or a quarterly subscription to YouTube so that we can watch our videos Peacefully without any ads.

You won’t even believe that daily watch time for videos on YouTube 1 billion watch hours per day and is increasing more. Probably in the upcoming Years YouTube might even charge us some bucks to view content.

India’s second Best telecom Company Airtel has launched a new scheme for all airtel users where every Airtel user can get at least 3 months of YouTube premium free services. The service was rolled few days ago for some specific region but now it’s rolled for everyone. Read the terms and conditions who can and can’t avail this offer.

Who can’t Avail Airtel YouTube premium Free Subscription offer?

  • The Offer is not available for ongoing users who’ve already subscribed to the services.
  • Those who’ve already used 1 month free YouTube premium service also cannot get this offer.
  • If you’ve a paid Google Music subscription you can’t avail this offer said Airtel the telecom department.

Who can Avail YouTube Premium free Offer on Airtel network?

Airtel is running a promotional offer where a new user who haven’t experienced the free services of YouTube red can avail this offer for 3 months and afterwards he’ll be Charged according to the plans. Not only YouTube premium, YouTube Music is also included for 3 months for those who haven’t subscribed before.

How To enable YouTube free Subscription Offer on Airtel network?

  • You need to Install Airtel Thanks App.
  • Locate towards Airtel Rewards
  • And you’ll find Details regarding YouTube premium and YouTube music.

Telecom company Airtel has also introduced a online form through which you can generate a 3 month trial code and then enjoy your services for free.

Remember every free services can need some payment details such as Bank account or card number for verification purposes, But don’t worry you won’t be charged a single penny for 90 days. Once the offer is completed you can either opt out for subscription before 1 day or automatically 129 Rs will be deducted for a month. So make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing for a free Deal.

Till What date this offer is valid? 

As per sources the offer is valid till 22-04-2021, The company may or may not extend this offer.

You know you can’t also block YouTube ads for free without paying even single penny. Read here how that works

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