Youtube 480p restriction

Youtube 480p restriction | Videos will now be in SD format

A few days ago many users tweeted about the low-quality resolution on YouTube videos.  First, I thought that was a glitch now when I found the reason about YouTube 480p restriction, I was shocked. But trust me the reason is acceptable. Probably every YouTuber nowadays wants to upload their videos in FHD which YouTube can’t handle for now at least. On an average 300 hours of videos are uploaded per minute on Youtube.

1. What is the reason behind Youtube 480p restriction?

Those who are thinking that it’s a glitch, Trust me it’s not. Youtube had to do this for a big reason. As worldwide Corona pandemic is going on, Almost every country is in lockdown leaving the US. Due to lockdown millions of users are currently active on Youtube, If we also check the statistics, Almost 70% are viewers, 30 % are video uploaders (Just an assumption). It’s very tough for youtube to manage everything in a single time.

Yes, Youtube servers are capable of handling the load but till a limit. Few days before even Europe requested Netflix, Amazon prime to lower their video quality due to high usage of Internet Worldwide.

This was the reason why Youtube had to do this.

2. Are Desktop users affected with Youtube 480p restriction?

For now No. You can view videos in 480P as well as in 2440p resolution. If we check the values for Desktop users compared to mobile users the graph is unbearable. Almost 90 % of users view videos on mobile and 10 from other devices such as TV, Computer and many more.

3. What time this restriction will be applicable?

Well, I’m not sure about the world, But in India, it will be applicable to everything is normal. Basically, due to Coronavirus every user is watching or performing an activity on Youtube. So it’s quite possible that till the lockdown remains we won’t be able to watch videos on full resolution.

4. Is there any way we can watch Youtube videos on mobile with full resolution on Youtube?

Officially No, But Unofficially Yes there are certain apps which will force Youtube to work on Full HD. Applications such as New pipe do allow to watch videos on Full resolution. If you’re thinking to go for any app, Check what permission does it need to work. If you find it relevant go forward else wait till Youtube officially fixes it.

5. Is this Restriction made for India only? 

It’s made for many countries who has the highest number of viewers, But there’s one more working way to bypass this flaw and watch full youtube videos on Full HD. The solution is connecting to a VPN. But connecting to a VPN is a risky thing as you don’t know the server you’re connecting is safe or not. Also If you’ve a paid VPN you’re good to go. But don’t ever try to connect a free VPN. There are many chances they may steal your data such as Contacts, Bank Details and much more.

According to me, you should wait till youtube fixes this, As I’ve watched videos on 480p, It’s OK. You won’t face problems only if you’re not a 60 fps video addict 😛


#UPDATE: The youtube has now allowed 720 on mobile data and 1080p on Wi-Fi

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