who will get covid vaccine first in India

Who Will get Covid Vaccine First in India? How to register for it

Details you need to know about India’s Vaccination process and Who will get Covid Vaccine first in India Will it be Government Officials, Doctors? Read more below

Dry run for Covid 19 vaccination has already started in India, It was started in Delhi and is currently ongoing in 4 states Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat. Whole process was done to ensure that no problems are faced at the time of implementation. As the Pfizer vaccine is almost final and arriving, The government of India is planning to vaccinate at least 30 crore of Indian population in 6 – 8 months.

Who will get first covid vaccine in India


Full Details on Vaccination Process in India:

The Inoculation drive will start in many states soon as the Drug controller regulator of India approves a vaccine for implementation in public. Union Health minister Mr. Harsh Vardhan also said to completely avoid the rumors on vaccine as it’s fully safe to use. The Vaccination process in India is categorically divided.

  • Who Will Get the Covid – 19 Vaccine First in India?
  • Will the covid vaccine be free for Government officials and local people?
  • What will be the age limit to get vaccine first in India?
  • Will Vaccines be allotted first to Highly Infected area?
  • Registration process for Covid Vaccine in India.
  • What will be the vaccination location for General citizens?
  • How many doctors or vaccination officers will be available on the site for vaccination.

Who Will Get Covid Vaccine First in India?


  1. Health Care Workers: Public and Private

There are almost one crore health workers working in both Government and private Hospital says the National Expert Group of Vaccine Administration for Covid – 19. Frontline health workers, Staff such as Workers, nurses, supervisor, Medical Officers, support staff.

2. Municipal Workers:

A strength of 2 crore workers such as Police department, armed force, Disaster management, Civil defense, Revenue officials, municipal workers and Many more related to Government authorities are in a queue for vaccination.

Will the covid vaccine be free for Government officials and local people? 

Addressing a press conference in the national capital, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Saturday that the Covid-19 vaccine will be provided free of cost across the country. With the goal of gearing up the country for the roll out of the vaccine, a dry run began in India on 2 January.

What will be the age limit to get covid vaccine first in India?

Citizens with age limit between 50 – 60 years will be the ones who will be vaccinated after the health workers and the municipal workers are done with vaccination process The electoral roll for Lok Sabha and Legislative elections will be used to identify the population in the drive.

Will Vaccines be allotted first to Highly Infected area?

The Central, State and Union Territories have already decided to take extreme measures to control the situation so that no more virus is spread in High infected areas. Also in the current time Areas with more cases are under proper surveillance. So Yes Highly infected areas will receive vaccine with proper implementation. Probably in these location Health workers, Municipal workers as well as infected patients will given a Higher priority than normal citizens.

What is the Registration process for Covid – 19 Vaccination?
  • Install or Visit Cowin App or website.
  • Upload the necessary documents such as AADHAR and OTP.
  • Once registration process is completed a slot will be scheduled.
  • Whole process will be fully monitored by Respective District administration, from site allocation till vaccination session everything will be managed by them.
What will be the vaccination location for General citizens?

This topic is also divided in 3 groups:-

  • Fixed Session Site
  • Outreach Session Site
  • Remote areas

Fixes Session site include both government and private medical health facilities where medical officers and medical doctors are available.

Outreach Session Site : – School, Community halls are included in Outreach Session Site.

Remote Areas: Hard to reach areas such as International border areas or migratory areas are covered in Remote areas.

What is the Process of Covid Vaccination in India?

Once the slot is booked on website you’ll need to be present on the particular location. A waiting room will be provided for all the patients. Once your number arrives you’ll be checked and observed for 30 minutes before vaccination.

How many doctors or vaccination officers will be available on the site for vaccination?

A group of 5 Vaccination Officer will be available in the session site.

  • 1. For Pre Checking the Registration slot.
  • 2. For authentication and verifying documents booked in online slot.
  • 3.  Vaccine professional who will monitor the whole process to ensure no casualties are held.
  • 4. 1  Vaccine officer will manage the 30 minute resting room.
  • 5. 1 Officer will manage the crowd management and other necessary things.

That was all for Who will get covid vaccine first in India. As the Dry run for covid vaccination is already running. Probably in month or two the distribution of vaccine will start asap.

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