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Secure data and prevent wifi hack using simple steps

WiFi hack is a bit easy nowadays due to lot’s of tools available on Internet some routers who have low security can be a victim of WiFi hack. Enabling Encryption keys do secure data but if your password is weak you may be in a trouble.


But as hacking a router is not more difficult. Any user with a  knowledge of networking and Kali Linux commands of WiFi hacking can easily do WiFi hack on your router and bypass your security, if you’ve a low secured password. A strong password with does secure data and protects WiFi hack.

WiFi router is an important gadget which is being tremendously used in our day to day life. Whether it may be office, home,malls, multiplex and even Railway Station. We can always stay connected to internet. As using a router over a mobile data connection is much beneficial as well as it’s fast.

 Learn Steps that secure data, and also prevent WiFi hack

  • Best location to place your WI-Fi
  • Hide your WI-Fi  identity
  • Turn on mac filtering
  • Update your WI-Fi  security
  • Add special characters in your WI-Fi password
  • Reboot your router 

Let’s elaborate all the points

1:Place router in a Center location :Always try to install your WiFi router in such a way that its range should be only limited to your house. (It could placed in a middle of the house if possible as this could also provide a good range of network for all users). This may sound weird but its a great way that a hacker can’t find your WiFi name.

2: Always hide your WiFi name (SSID) to prevent WI-Fi  hack: 


wifi hack
Disable broadcast ssid
  • Login to your WiFi router with the IP provided at the back of your router.

  • Enter the login id and the password (default it’s admin- admin).

  • When the router’s configuration panel will be launched head towards network settings.

  • In network settings search the option for broadcast your wireless network, and disable it.

NOTE: Your WiFi may restart after completing this process.

  • Once the process is completed all your connected devices will have to reconnect to the router.
  • AS disabling the broadcast id will not show your WiFi connection to the device (ex: mobile, Laptop etc
  • To again reconnect to your router from your mobile you need to turn on your WiFi, head towards it settings here you can find an option of Add network.
  • Just add  the network with the name of your router and enter your password and connect it.
  • This will be a long process to do and it could take time but once you understand it may help you a lot.


wifi hack

 3: Turn on mac Filtering:

Mac filtering uses a special mac address which is located on every communication device. This feature is used to allow the mac user or to block the user for connecting to the router.

Steps to turn mac filtering on: 

  • Every router has different settings to turn this on just find it in security and then go for mac filtering.
  • Turn mac filtering on/ off.
  • If you find it turn it on and add the mac address that you want to allow/block, 
  • To find your devices mac address, Turn on your WiFi – Go to WiFi settings –  click advance settings there you can find your mac address, just copy and paste it.
  • As this step will only allow your trusted  WiFi users to connect to your home router.

  4:Change your WiFi security: There are 3 modes of security available in our router WPA ,WPA/WPA2, WEP. Change your WiFi settings to WPA/WPA2 as it is the hardest way for a hacker to crack your WiFi password.


wifi hack

5: Add special Characters to your passwords:

  Keeping passwords like a name, a birthday is very easy to guess and easily crack able. Choose a password with special characters included with number. For example : ()&*^&ß0$tO|\|&^*&()

6: Rebooting your router: Have a habit of rebooting your router as it refreshes your internet connection speed.

Note: WiFi hacking without concern can lead up to 3 years if imprisonment and up to 2 lakhs of fine as mentioned in Section 66 of the Information Technology Act as per Indian penal code.


 So this are Steps that does secure your data, and will  prevent WiFi hack on your router

Note: The whole information on the blog is provided on my experience on WiFi hack

If you think any of the information is missing or wrong you can let me know in the comment section below.. Allow Desktop Notification for new articles. Till then stay tuned..

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