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Oneplus concept one | Phone with invisible camera

Let’s agree to a fact, The after Apple the second favorite company is Oneplus not only with it’s look, but the specifications they provide with the phone are way to awesome. Also the price is really worth if you invest in Oneplus phone. Probably Oneplus 7T pro is the best phone till now from 2019-2020. Millions units have already been sold all over world. As for now the Company is again back with a bang. Recently Oneplus released a new phone named Oneplus concept one. Let’s check what does a new phone has.

As per source the oneplus concept one designed in such a way that you can’t see the rear camera from your eyes, Confused ? I too was when i heard about it. The camera is designed in such a way that you can’t see while the camera is off. But once you turn on Rear camera you can sell all the cameras with a small backlit, Trust me it looks way more amazing.

Now one thing is for sure, You can try to tilt your phone then too you won’t see the cameras, Oneplus has use a high level on engineering on this device Also to note, The glass present to hide the cameras it not the normal one.

oneplus concept one electrochromic glass

Oneplus concept one uses electrochromic glass, Now for all users who don’t know what electrochromic glass is Let me explain you below:


Electrochromic glasses : Electrochromic glass (a.k.a. smart glass or dynamic glass) is an electronically tintable glass used for windows, skylights, facades and curtain walls. Electrochromic glass, which can be directly controlled by building occupants, is popular for its ability to improve occupant comfort, maximize access to daylight and outdoor views, reduce energy costs and provide architects with more design freedom.

In simple words you can change the view of your glass manually For a better purpose I’ll share a video which will clear your concept on Electrochromic glass


So let’s get back to the phone, As by watching the above video one thing is for sure, as we’ve checked that once a user press a button his window background gets changed, Same thing is used in Oneplus concept one. But in a reverse way.

In the above video we can see how electrochromic glasses works and changes the background of a window, But as the switch is off we can see the normal picture.

In oneplus concept one By default the camera is always off and we can see only a black screen, But once you trigger the camera the electrochromic glasses stops it’s effect and we can see all the rear cameras.

Seriously the concept behind the phone is way too innovative.

The electrochromic glasses are very thin in size, and are used in many products like Cars, Aeroplane windows, windows, doors  and many more, Sports car company mclaren has also used this types of glasses in their cars


As per sources the oneplus concept one will be based on oneplus 7t pro or may be upcoming oneplus 8, Also as per now this is a concept phone and is been tested on oneplus 7Tpro mclaren edition.


Also this phone will have new features in camera like ND8, ND8 is used to control the brightness and click amazing photos when the brightness is too high. The camera is quick fast and changes in 0.7seconds from opaque to transparent

As mentioned earlier this is a concept phone, the company has not released any detail on when it’s going to be launched and what’s it’s price. But oneplus always release their phones probably on April- May and September – October. So even we could expect this type of phone on coming October 2020. Also for the price, I’ll update it here once i get it

For a reference of a phone Check the video below:

That’s it for Oneplus concept one, I believe this phone will create a huge buzz on all over world. If you liked this post do share it, Also found something wrong or missing Comment section is always on.

Videos used in the blog are only for reference, None of them are promoted videos

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