Modi speech live today, 80 Crore citizens to get free food

Prime minister of India once again addressed the nation on 30-06-2020 at 4.00 PM, He discussed various things about how government helped poor families by providing various resources. Check all details about Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi speech live today below.


Due to ongoing pandemic many families are facing tremendous loss, Some of them have losses in business also many have been temporary fired from the jobs, Poor Economy are the things affected due to Covid-19. But in these scenario also, Government of India helped many poor families by providing necessity things needed for survival. Prime minister also said that taking proper decisions with proper timing can tackle any situation. Here’s a full list on things that were implemented by Government of India.

Modi speech live Updates:  Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana

  • 1.45 lakh crore package has been allotted to Pradhan mantri Garib kalyan Yojana.
  • Past 3 months 20 Crore Citizens of India have been provided a amount of 31000 Crore.
  • Over 9 Crore Farmers have received total amount of 18000 Crores of Rupees.
  • For giving employment to the needy, Pradhan mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana will work in full swing. 50000 Crores will be used to implement this scheme.
  • If lockdowns ends or not, But Pradhan mantri garib kalyan ann yojana will be continued till November 2020.
  • Total expenditure for Pradhan mantri garib Kalyan ann yojana is around 1.50 lakh crores.

Modi speech live major details

  • 80 Crore citizens have got free food essentials while tackling the ongoing pandemic.
  • Every family has been given either 5 kilo Wheat, or 5 kilo rice per month for free. As an addon 1 kilo daal is also been provided per month for free.
  • One nation One ration card will be implemented soon.
  • Credit for all these efforts goes to two category: 1. Farmers and 2. Honest Tax payers.
  • Plans to boost economy of India are in progress. # Aatmanirbhar # vocal for local

These were the key points Prime minister of India provided today on his speech, Families initiated with Pradhan Mantri garib kalyan ann yojana will get a major relief with these packages. Government of India is helping many of them while fighting from Corona.

Let’s up support our Government by following lockdown protocols and boycotting chinese products.

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