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Jiomart review , Delivery, Customer care and 1 surprise

On may 24-2020 JioMart website was live and many orders were placed at that time, But did things really go well ? 70 % users said No, with 30 % to Yes. But what is the actual reason behind this Problem? Today I’m going to provide some major details and My JioMart review through which will help you to understand how JioMart works, And should you order through JioMart?


Jiomart Review

Probably on 25th March I placed orders of 9 products, Tomato ketchup, Daawat Basmati rice, Spices, Soap, Maggi, and more two items. The process was easy and beneficial, as compulsory all products where around 5-10 % off. I  made to payment and the billing amount was around 1000 Rs, Although Jiomart allows only Online payment as of now due to Corona Pandemic.

I paid the amount, and was searching for tracking details, or dispatch details, when my products is going to be shipped or being delivered. As I couldn’t get anything over the site, Only thing i could see on my orders was a list of thing I’ve ordered, Nothing much.

After 2 hours I received the text from the team, which stated that all my items are going to be delivered on 27th March 2020, At first I was amazed by the service as we all know How Jiomart works (If you don’t know read it here).

I waited for exact two days assuming that I’ll get my order on time, But nobody called on 27th. Again I, waited on 28th still no response also the site wasn’t showing anything but only list of items mentioned above.

This continued till 30th of  May 2020, And being more curious again I visited MY orders and I was shocked to see that all my ordered items were disappeared, I tried refreshing but nothing worked, as their phone lines were busy all the time from morning 8-AM to 8-PM, Also emailing them won’t help.

I’ve a friend who’s quite active Socially and informed me that not your’s but everyone is facing this issue. So I did nothing and waited.

Jiomart Review on Delivery

On 1st of June a delivery Boy called me and said, Sir we’re ready with your order just send me the location.

I had already provided my exact address while placing the order with landmark included, Still the delivery boy was not able to fetch the address. Somehow he managed to find my address with local help and Yes my Ordered item finally arrived.

While collecting my orders I found that only 6 were delivered and not all, I also asked him to check the remaining items in his container But all the orders were managed by plastic boxes and each had a bill- or different users.

I ask him to explain this scenario and he said we’re delivery agents we don’t know why you’re things are misplaced or not available, Kindly contact customer care.

I clearly remember that while adding items in my cart every product was available Here’s the best part : On site you’ll see every item mostly in stock, But the place through which your orders are being shipped also need to keep these products. If any product is not available there, you won’t get the product.

So, I understood and walked off with the bill,  As I mentioned above that all the products had some discounts, But I was amazed to see that, all my arrived products had some more discounts around 5 % per orders (Don’t know why), And the item that were not delivered will be refunded said the delivery guy. So they refunded me with the item amount + They also gave me the discount over the actual amount after 4 days. Now this was my experience of Jiomart of you may call Jiomart review. 

But that’s not the scenario every time, My friend ordered some basic things after 2 days and guess what he got all the items within 2 days not sure about extra discount.

Things Jiomart is lacking on:
  • Basic information such as Delivery date, Delivery boy number details, shipping details and some basic things.
  • Products that are not being delivered but then too are available on the site.
  • No customer care support via mail or call.
  • Customer care line is always busy or dead.

But we can understand, that the site is still in beta version and not stable also the lockdown pandemic is affecting everything, So we need to understand from their perspective as well.

Some users also had posts on twitter regarding rotten vegetables, I would suggest purchase that stuff from local vendors as you can see the quality of it while buying. Also those customers who are not getting products, Don’t worry your money is safe and will be refunded.

Rest assured, Jio is a big company with giant investors, Also Jio has a habit of disrupting other companies, as we all know the condition of telecom sector. So we can expect after lockdown the services will improve.

That’s all on Jiomart review, I hope that this blog will give you some idea and will prepare you for most certain things such as delivery, Information on site and much more, If you found anything wrong or annoying let me know in the comment section below.

This article is based on my experience.

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