How to remove ads from hotstar app 2019

Do you always feel ads are way too annoying, at least the time when you can’t skip it? Same goes with me… There are many application who’ve a fixed rule, that whenever a user uses his platform he/she must watch a 20 sec ad. Same goes with hotstar app, Whenever you watch a movie, they provide you a ad before the movie starts and ,at your favorite scenes of movie, and if you skip certain part (example from 11.02 – 38.03). Hotstar will provide you a ad. So I’ve found a amazing trick were you can remove ads from hotstar app.


Before i begin with the process on How to remove ads from hotstar app: Let’s recall how ads used to appear previously and now

If you were a usual Facebook user before 10-15 years, or I may say a normal web user who used to use social media for playing games, and to talk with other people around the world. The ads were at very low stat as of now. I remember how youtube change the evolution of ads – from no ads- to skip 5 sec ads and now watch 5 sec ads and then skip it. But as of now ads are used everywhere, for marketing, promoting your business, promoting a product and much more. The statistics of ads grown drastically compared to 6-8 years back.

Not only for marketing, The advertisers pay a hell lot of money to show their ad for best keyword(ex: banking related info have a CPC (cost per click) of 50-80$ per click) That means a advertiser is paying 50 dollars to an ad company (google) to show ads on specific keyword.

Also the publishers like a blogger, youtuber earn well due to this ads. So it has some pros and cons too.


Without wasting time let’s focus on How to skip or remove ads from Hotstar app.


Note: This trick will work for heavy mobile users, If you’re fond of mobile like me, I’ll make sure you’ll love this.

So Let’s get started:

Hotstar provides various free types of free content, like shows, movies etc. But the problem is the annoying ads popup every time when you play a new video or skip to a specific part. Some ads are way too long around 20 sec, Everyone gets bored when the ads pop up. With this trick you cannot remove ads, but with using some speed I can help you to remove the add from hotstar app without waiting 20 Seconds.

  • Open your Hotstar app,
  • Play your any favorite movie :
  • I’m playing Arjun Reddy

Here’s one thing, no matter what video or a show you play, Hotstar’s default setting will play a ad of 5 sec that you can’t skip.

How to remove ads from hotstar app


  • Concentrate on green line and the white spots.
  • Whenever you pass this time duration for example 25.38 have ad spot.
  • So if you pass through it you’ll get an ad for above 20 Second.
  • If you skip from 15.00 to 26.00 then too you’ll get an ad.
  • There are around 6 ads in a film. (All the ads are placed in such way, were users search for that particular scene, In this scene it was were Amit promises he won’t do it again.)

Now How to remove ads from hotstar app while playing a movie.

  • Whenever you’re at a point where you know a ad is going to pop up you need to remember the time duration, and the location of ad.
  • After knowing this, press back button
  • Pressing back button will show you a preview for continue playing movie.
  • Click on the movie, as soon as movie starts click on middle of screen, and instantly green line will pop up with no ads.
  • Directly jump to your time.
  • That’s it, now i know this bit tricky but trust me it works all the time.
  • You’ll get 2 seconds for performing this trick (else ads will be back again)
  • You just need to be little quick and should know the exact position of green line and the part you want to play.

  • Practice it multiple times and You’ll definitely thank me.

  • This trick works for mobile perfectly

  • I may call it as a glitch from Hotstar.

Now you may think that going for this trick is too difficult, rather than getting a cracked apk and surf without ads.

That’s not the scenario, Google pays a lot of money for it’s security, Before few months app install scan feature was enabled for all mobile who has play store installed.Whenever a user installs an app, It would be scanned and verified by google. So the user should not face any type of hacking activities.

Installing a modified apk will increase the chances of hacking. Although you may have heard a girl was conned through a PAYTM KYC Scam by allowing permissions to the app. Modified apk does the same thing, Once application installed it will ask you for all suitable permissions.

So it’s better to stay out of these things.


So That’s it Guys, This way you can remove ads from hotstar app. I love to try something new, To know how does a process works and what’s the logic behind it. By watching movies on Hotstar I found this trick. And believe me I’ve been doing this from past 6 months. Hope this works for you as well.

If this trick didn’t worked for you, Let me know in the comment section below, I’ll help you out.

Do share this post, as everyone should know about it :p.

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Featured image source : Hotstar

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