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How to download music from YouTube legally 2020

Songs uploaded on YouTube have a copyright and cannot be used any where without permission of the owner. But many users still download music from youtube and play on their devices. As downloading songs is illegal, But I don’t know how does youtube allows it to bypass copyright and get the job done. Believe me there are almost 75000 searches on Google for How to download music from YouTube.


Let’s get in deep on How to download music from YouTube

  • Why YouTube is the Most preferred source for uploading content ?

For video streaming, new songs, movies teasers YouTube is always preferred as the 1st option. YouTube is fast, Easy to access and free of cost with ADS. As we love to listen songs, YouTube as also created a new platform named YouTube music. YouTube music only made for music purpose, where a user can choose to listen any song he want’s. But as being from 90’s, I prefer to download music and listen.

Yes the internet is cheap and easily available across whole world, Giant music apps like SAVAN, Ganna.com and many more have all the songs in their categories. Which needs Internet access also it’s mandatory to listen the annoying ads If you don’t have a paid version of above mentioned application.


Should you download music from YouTube ?

Yes, You Should download music from youtube, But there are some things you need to check,

  • Is the song fully uploaded ?
  • Does it contains any dialogue ?

Is the song fully uploaded ?

Whenever a music company uploads a music video on YouTube, It always a movie cut song, That means the uploaded video is not the whole song but a part of it. AS we all know, While watching a movie in theaters we just see a small portion of  music video. You can check many Bollywood movies songs, So it’s better to check the song duration, According to me a length of full song will be around 3.50 or more. But not less than that. The best way to check if you’re downloading the full version is search for lyric video of the song. You’ll see a major difference on time duration when comparing.

Does it contains any dialogue ?

AS i said above, the song uploaded from a movie is not full always so there are chances that the video may contain some dialogues. So it’s better to check once and then download the song.

Steps on How to Download music from youtube.


  • Open youtube app from mobile, or visit www.youtube.com if you’re using browser.
  • Search for you’re particular video
  • Once you found your video click on it
  • Now for mobile app, you need to Click share and copy link.
  • For Desktop you need to open the video and copy the above URL
  • Once copied You need to visit YouTube to mp3  (Click here)
  • For mobile users you need to open any browser and visit to the above link.
  • Paste the URL on the website

How to download music from youtube

  • Select mp3 and click on Convert
  • Once the video is converted, It will provide you a download option
  • Select your location and save the file.
  • That’s it Through this way you can download music from YouTube.



  • Does This method always works ?

99.9 % this method always works for any songs, Even it may for a 10 minutes song or a 1hr 30 mins jukebox, The site will do the job.

  • Can we use Chrome desktop extensions ?

Yes you can, But I would suggest you not, Because extension will always run when chrome is started so it’s better to use this method.

My Conclusion on How to download music from youtube

: Now we all know that this method can be illegal to download songs, As all the songs are paid, or you need to pay some amount for monthly subscription to listen songs. But still i don’t know why with the help of a URL, a user can download whole song.

Previously YouTube allowed users to download the whole video song on YouTube app, But as YouTube music was introduces few months before, They’ve changed the policies, Now for downloading songs on YouTube app, You need to purchase the premium plan which would cost you around 129 Rs. And will provide you these features.

How to download music from youtube


That’s all for How to download music from youtube

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