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Supply of HCQ started again to fight Covid-19

Recently there was much news going on regarding HCQ drug. As worldwide India is the highest exporter of generic medicines. Coronavirus pandemic is still affecting every human being on earth. Everybody wants to cure it, On an average almost 30 countries demanded medicines in tons from India. As currently, India has the lowest patient count for Coronavirus compared to the US and other big countries. Let’s talk below what is HCQ, how it’s used to cure the patient of Covid-19.

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What is HCQ?

  • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), is a medication used to prevent and treat malaria in areas where malaria remains sensitive to Chloroquine.
  • Not only malaria but other major diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and porphyria cutanea tarda are treated with HCQ.


What are the side effects of HCQ?

  • Common side effects are vomiting, headache, muscle weakness and change in vision are commonly found while consuming this drug.
  • Some patients may get severe side effects such as allergic reactions.

Why there is a sudden demand for HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine)?

  • As of the current pandemic going all over the world, Researchers and Scientist have found that there are chances that a + patient of COVID-19 can be cured using this HCQ tablet Although many of them have truly recovered in India.
  • Also on 08-04-2020,  Two Senior citizens in Kerala with an age of 93 and 84 years have been recovered from Coronavirus, Although WHO states that children below the age of 10 or 7 and Old age people have fewer chances to recover from Covid-19.
  • After seeing these results worldwide almost 30 countries including the USA have requested India to supply more amount of HCQ medicines. As mentioned above India is the highest exporter in the World for supplying Generic Medicines.
Why was the export of Hydroxychloroquine banned in India?
  • On 4th April 2020, India banned exports of Hydroxychloroquine medicines
  • Currently, there are 4717 active cases in which 410 have been successfully cured and 149 have been dead.
  • Although in the current scenario where cases are increasing day by day, High amount HCQ will be needed in India. So on that purpose, India banned the exports of Hydroxychloroquine drugs. 
  • The situation in the USA is far more critical, a total of 3 Lakh cases have been registered as positive and over 10000 people have died.
  • On that basis, President of USA Mr Donald trump requested Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi to lift the ban on HCQ medicines.
Is the ban uplifted for HCQ medicines?

Yes the ban is lifted and almost India has supplied over 23 million of Hydroxychloroquine medicines to the USA, Meanwhile, as a gesture president of USA has Thanked Prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi and to people of India.

Here’s what Donald Trump said to Fox News

“I bought millions of doses. More than 29 million. I spoke to Prime Minister Modi, a lot of it comes out of India. I asked him if he would release it. He was great. He was really good. You know they put a stop because they wanted it for India. But there is a lot of good things coming from that.

Will the lockdown will be extended in India after 14th April?

According to me know it would be carried till 30th of April 2020. Many states like UP, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu have recorder high number of cases, So there is no way that the lockdown will be stopped in these states. Still, there is no confirmation on these details, just a prediction.

You can check the current data on +cases of Covid-19 here.

That’s all for HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine), We all hope that the situation gets better worldwide. Currently, there is ongoing lockdown in almost every major country. Do follow the laws, don’t step out of your home until it’s necessary.

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