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20 special Guidelines on lockdown in India for safety

Yesterday Prime minister of India was live from 10.00 AM till 10.30 AM. He said many things regarding the current scenario of Lockdown. He also said some specials guidelines on lockdown will be released today which is 15-04-2020. Prime minister also remembered the India Jurist B.R. Ambedkar on the account of Ambedkar Jayanti. He also congratulated regarding how Doctors, Policeman, Workers are doing their jobs rigorously and serving the nation.

According to Prime minister Mr. Narendra. Modi India is already prepared for 1 lakh Covid-19 Positive cases. Although as of now hardly 10-11 K positive cases are found till now.

Regarding the guidelines on lockdown, He said that every city, state, Village will properly monitored till 20th April 2020. After that a city or a village who are not infected through Covid-19 at all, Will be free from the ongoing lockdown.

States like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are in Red Zone. Due to Highest number of active cases.  Below written Guidelines on lockdown will provide you every details on which services will be resumed after 20th April and which won’t

Check below the Guidelines on Lockdown

  1. Strict ban has been imposed for sales of Liquor, Gutka and Tobacco.
  2. In rural areas, Industries functioning will be active after 30th April but with a strict social distancing.
  3. Gathering of Funerals and marriages will be strictly monitored by District Magistrate.
  4.  Special Economic Zones and Export Oriented Units, industrial townships have been allowed to resume operations for Manufacturing and Industrial Functioning after 20th April. But with one condition : The workers basic facilities such as food, stay and transport should be managed by the companies.
  5. Manufacturing goods such as Drugs, Medicines etc have been allowed to function after 20th April.
  6. One of the major Guideline on Lockdown: Educational Institutes, Local Transport services such as Cabs, Taxis, Auto Rickshaw will be stay closed till 3rd May 2020. Also outdoor activities such as Sports Ground, Gyms, Swimming pools, Theatres, Malls will be strictly remained closed till 3rd May.
  7. Wearing a face mask is compulsory if you’re out of your home, If you don’t have mask make sure you use a cloth which covers your mouth, Nose and Ears properly such as (Handkerchief).
  8. Spitting in public places will be a strict fine.
  9. Screening of All employees is a must for Work Spaces also maintain a Gap of 1 hour for lunch breaks and shifts.
  10. Public Travel facilities such as  Trains and Flights including (Domestic as well as International ) will be remained closed till 3rd May.
  11. Social, political, religious functions and temples will be remained closed till 3rd May.
  12. After April 20, Areas that are in Green Zone will be allowed to resume their services which are Farming, Agriculture and local markets will be opened.
  13. Highway Dhabas, Call Center for Government Activities such as (Electricity or IRCTC ) will be opened after 20th April.
  14. Grocery Stores, Fruits and vegetable stalls as well shops, meat and fish shops, Dairy Shops will be opened in Lockdown.
  15. Electricians, IT repairs, plumbers, motor mechanics, Carpenters will be allowed to work after 20th April.
  16. Above all conditions mentioned will not be applicable in Hotspot Zones such as Mumbai, Delhi.
  17. MNREGA works will be allowed after 20th April with strict procedures of Social distancing and Use of Face mask.
  18. Farming Operations and MSP operations will be fully functional in ongoing lockdown.
  19. Farming Accessories, Machines, Spare Parts shops will be remained open after 20th April.
  20. Hospital and medical facilities dealing with Covid-19 must remain active in whole country.

These were the 20 Guidelines on lockdown to deal fully with Covid-19. As per MOH (Ministry of Health) total number of cases registered in India are 9756 with deaths of 377 in India.


Do follow the Guidelines on lockdown as it’s made for our betterment, Stay at home, only go out whenever necessary. Always wear a mask while going out and wash yourself properly after coming home back.

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