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FAUG – Indian warfare game launched | Alternative to PUBG ?

Seems like MISSION AATMANIRBHAR is on full boost, Indian Entrepreneur Vishal Gondal created an Indian version or we can say Alternative game of PUBG mobile named FAUG. The news was released by AKSHAY KUMAR via Twitter Handle. Let’s get more details on it.

Various Chinese apps like Tik Tok, PUB-G and many more were recently banned by the Indian Government. Banning PUBG-Mobile was a big shock for everyone as almost 75 % of teens used to play the game. But nothing is more important than the data privacy of consumers. PUBG mobile and many other Chinese android apps were proven guilty of a data breach activity. The data that was collected by these applications were not processed safely said the Ministry of information and technology.

The ban was imposed on 2/09/2020 in India and today on 04/09/2020, Indian Third Person Shooter game – Faug released it’s the first poster on Twitter check the image below

Faug game release date

The game is made in India by Ncore games and is backed by Indian entrepreneur “Vishal Gondal”.

What is FAUG game about?

FAUG stands for Fearless and United Guards.

FAU-G game is a third-person shooter game similar to PUBG mobile, The game will be based on real scenarios encountered by Indian forces to fight with domestic as well as International Threats. Seems like this game will be a story mode game such as Call of duty Modern warfare and many more. The game is going to be launched in upcoming October month and it’s the first level or map we can say will be based on Galwan Valley says the source.

As the game is Made in India it will make sure that the data collected by these games will be processed in a Safe Manner and will be managed by Servers in India.

3 months ago our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi initiated mission AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT # vocal for local should become our mantra. Meaning everything should be made in India. Launch of this game is an add-on towards Mission AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT.

Bollywood famous actor AKSHAY KUMAR said: Gaming is an important form of entertainment in India, as many streamers on youtube earn enough money via Gaming. FAUG game is developed in such a way that it will give players a thrilling experience and will show the efforts of our Indian soldiers to protect our land.

As a tribute to our martyr soldiers, 20 % of game revenue will be donated to the Indian Army.

That’s all for now, I’ll release a new blog when the official game is released and will share a proper review of gameplay.

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