Coronavirus 2020 | Genuine facts vs social media rumors

Coronavirus was officially reported in the month of January in Wuhan (China). The actual virus name is Covid – 19. The virus was first spotted in China and now it has affected almost every major country. China, USA, India, Spain, Italy and many more have reported Positive cases of Coronavirus. Below I’ll try to explain each and every aspect of this pandemic.

Note: The information on Coronavirus that I’m going to provide will be purely used as a Reference from WHO – World Health Organisation.

As Coronavirus is a huge topic, I’ll divide it into points. And for the last, I’ll also share some of the Myths about coronavirus which is rotating all over the globe.


So Let’s Start One By One

1. What is Coronavirus?


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people affected by Coronavirus can easily recover without getting any special treatment. But those who are older and do have diseases like diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer will need serious care.

2. How does coronavirus spread in humans?

The COVID-19  or we may call coronavirus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. If somehow the droplets fall on your hand, nose, eyes or ears. Surely you’ll be affected too.

3. Can animals get covid-19

As of now, there is no evidence that a dog may be affected by this deadly virus, But in future, it may be possible that animals may be affected by a Covid-19 positive patient. Here What WHO says to all the pet owners:

The organisation advises pet owners infected or susceptible to being infected with the coronavirus to avoid close contact with their pets and have another member of the household care for the animals. If they must look after their pet, they should maintain good hygiene practices and wear a face mask if possible.

4. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus

According to WHO

Common symptoms include:

  • fever
  • tiredness
  • dry cough.

Other symptoms include:

  • shortness of breath
  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • and very few people will report diarrhoea, nausea or a runny nose.

People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should self-isolate and contact their medical provider.

People with fever, cough or difficulty breathing consult a doctor and should immediately seek medical attention.

5. How did Coronavirus spread Worldwide

The first case of Covid – 19 was found on mid-November 2019 in Hubei. After a month ago there were daily 1- 5 cases of covid – 19.  And the cases started to grow day by day. Some sources says that the Chinese government also tried to hide this news. The Chinese government declared this deadly virus on January 2020. Almost after 45 days, You can imagine in the period of 45 days many people would have travelled from one place to another without even knowing that they are infected. The outburst was later declared and many of them got affected.

I got this information from here, You can read more on this 

6. How much time coronavirus is alive on any surface?

NBC New York says the test is still going on as its a novel virus but latest study confirms some statistics. The germs may last from minutes to hours and even days depending upon the surface.

Types of Surfaces: Cardboard, Steel, Copper, Plastic

Can Corona live in the air?

  • Researchers sprayed the virus by using nebulizer in a closed chamber and found out that it could stay almost 3 hours in the air.

How much time covid-19 virus stays on cardboard?

  • It can live up to 24 hours on any cardboard (boxes used for delivery)

How much time covid-19 virus stays on Copper?

The study also says that The virus was only alive with a duration of 4 hours on Copper.

How much time covid-19 virus stays on Steel and plastic?

  • 2-3 days.

Now wait this is just an assumption, It’s not like you’ll be directly harmed if you touched the affected area. There are many things which depends upon how much contact is necessary to become infected. Still, there are lots of question which Scientist are working on it. Once found out everything will be globally released. For a safety precaution, Try to avoid sitting in an unhygienic place.

7. How to protect yourself from coronavirus
  • The so-called method, Clean your hands with alcoholic solutions such as sanitizer (Remember the alcohol in the solution must be above 60%)
  • If you don’t have sanitizer keep a different soap for all the members living in the house. Make sure you only use your own.
  • Wash your hand up to 20 Seconds, which will kill all the germs perfectly. (Turn off the water tap while washing hands for 20 Seconds)
  • Stop going out if it’s not required. I know this is unbearable but it’s highly recommended to stay at home.
  • Whenever you’re dealing with someone, whether your friend or a shopkeeper make sure you wear a mask, maintain a distance of at least 2 meters and avoid making physical contact.
  • Even if you’re sneezing try to cover your mouth with a help of a tissue paper or an elbow. Make sure you dispose of the tissue paper properly.
  • Once you’re way back to home, Wash your hands properly and then try to make a contact with your eyes, ears and nose, Not before that.
  • Avoid sitting in an unhygienic place.
  • Stop eating Frozen foods and eat healthy things which can boost your immune system. Some sources say A body with a strong immune system can fight coronavirus easily without any medical help.
  • Avoid travelling, and if you’re travelling make sure you daily wash your clothes.

Follow these steps thoroughly and make sure to think once before making contact with your ears, nose, mouth. Always wash hands and then do the procedure.

Hey, Don’t forget to check this video which shows how germs are killed after washing hand up to 20 seconds.


8. Coronavirus age group deaths

According to US News numbers provided by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 90% of the more than 72,000 coronavirus cases reported in February occurred in people between the ages of 30 and 79. The death rate among teenagers and below 30 years is very low as compared to above.

Check what Dr Robert Murphy, executive director of the Institute for Global Health at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University says

As age goes up, the mortality rate goes up,” “The highest (mortality) rates are in those age 80-plus. From age 10 to 40, it’s about 0.2%,”

9. Death rate of coronavirus worldwide

There are almost 22 countries above 2000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus I’ll share the stats of highly affected countries for now. For other countries, you can check here at WHO dashboard 

# Note: The stats uploaded below are of 27/03/2020

1. China

Positive cases: 80293

Deaths: 3298

2. Italy :

Positive cases:  80539

Deaths: 8165

3. USA:

Positive Cases: 68334

Deaths: 991

4. Spain

Positive cases: 56188

Deaths: 4089

5. Germany

Positive cases: 42288

Deaths: 253

6. Iran

Positive cases:32322

Deaths: 2378

7. France

Positive cases: 28786

Deaths: 1695

These countries are highly affected by Coronavirus till now and in India. The outcome was between 3-8 march and after that the number started growing.

Currently, India has 724 cases

and has a death rate of 17.

10. Is there any cure for Coronavirus?

As of now, there is no cure for Covid-19, Scientist all over the world are trying their best. Some countries have also made their vaccines which are being tested on animals, If all goes well soon the pandemic will stop all over the world.

11. What are the measures taken by the government?

Every country is trying to find a cure for this disease, but in return, the government also wants full cooperation from the public. Countries like China, India, France, New Zealand, Poland and the UK are on a mass lockdown for now. The government have strictly instructed – no one should come out of the home unless and until it’s necessary. Only essentials things like food and dairy products will be active for a certain period of time. The government states that only one member from a family must do the whole procedure for rest of them it should be a full quarantine.

Even from this Saturday Moscow is going for a lockdown.

Are you currently on a lockdown? 

Check this amazing Netflix web series which will actually pass your time.


Now It’s time for some myth busters which are rolling over the whole internet. So Let’s see what are the things that are roaming on the Internet titled as a precaution for Coronavirus.

First, check the rumours list 😛

  • COVID-19 virus cannot be transmitted in areas with hot and humid climates.
  • Cold weather and snow can kill the coronavirus.
  • Taking a hot bath prevents Coronavirus.
  • The coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes.
  • Drinking hot water will prevent our body from Coronavirus
  • Eating garlic daily will not allow the virus to enter.
  • Coronavirus only affects members, age less than 10 and greater than 60.
  • Antibiotics help to cure coronavirus.
  • Any many more.

Now, these are the messages we get on our social media which motivates us to forward it to another group without doing any research. Check the WHO myth-buster you won’t find a single matching cure written above. Above all written statements are a hoax and none of them is working till now.

Some rumours say that age less than 10 and greater than 60 have a high risk of being easily affected, That’s not true. WHO clearly states, anyone can be affected, only patients with diseases like cancer, diabetics have low chance to survive if not taken proper care.

So Stop sending or forwarding messages without doing research. Doing this will hype the situation that’s it.

All you can do is follow the basic protocol written above, keep social distancing, Wash your hands properly, Have a proper diet, Stay at hygienic places, and stop physical contact with everyone. Follow all the rules your government says.


That’s all for now, I think this would really help you to learn what this disease is and how it can be avoided using simple steps.

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